12 CHORUSES BY MIKLOS ROZSA: BEN HUR • KING OF KINGS - The Brigham Young University Acapella Choir (Digital Download - 24 Bit Wav, MP3, Digital PDF)



Buysoundtrax Digital presents 12 CHORUSES BY MIKLOS ROZSA featuring selections from the biblical epics BEN HUR and KING OF KINGS. Performed by the Brigham Young Acapella Choir under the direction of Dr. Ralph Woodward.

A noted authority in the field of choral literature, Dr. Woodward was the head of the BYU Choral Department until his retirement in 1984. He was a student at the University Of Idaho and the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music and he was the first person to receive a doctoral degree in choral music from the University Of Illinois. He was in demand as a lecturer, adjudicator and conductor through North America but his particular point of pride was his A Cappella Choir at BYU. Dr. Woodward had every reason to be proud.

1. The Christ Theme (BEN-HUR) 2:11

2. Star Of Bethlehem (BEN-HUR) 2:13
(Text and Arrangement by Harry Robert Wilson)

3. The Nativity (KING OF KINGS) 3:01
(Text by Harry Robert Wilson)

4. Kings Of Bethlehem 4:53
(Text by Attila Jozsef)

5. Adoration Of The Magi (BEN-HUR) 1:44
(Text and Arrangement by Harry Robert Wilson)

6. Blessed Mary (KING OF KINGS) 2:10
(Text by Harry Robert Wilson)

7. The Mother's Love (BEN-HUR) 4:09
(Text by Mary Ann Eager)

8. The Prayer Of Our Lord (KING OF KINGS) 2:24

9. The Sermon On The Mount (KING OF KINGS) 4:33
(Text by Harry Robert Wilson)

10. The Way Of The Cross (KING OF KINGS) 4:28
(Text by Harry Robert Wilson)

11. Pieta (KING OF KINGS) 5:17
(Text by Harry Robert Wilson)

12. KING OF KINGS - Theme 2:39