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He slices, he dices, he makes villains scream in agony, and all this despite being totally blind! He’s that beloved rogue of Zatoichi, first made famous by Shintarô Katsu in the 1962 feature film TALE OF ZATÔICHI. So popular with Japanese audiences, twenty-two more films followed in rapid succession, eleven of which were scored by maestro AKIRA IFUKUBE.

For this album, selections from these scores, and the 1972 stage presentation of TALE OF ZATOICHI, were chosen and performed in Bukimisha’s unique ‘a Capella’ stylings. A special extended suite of Ifukube’s main themes are included as a bonus track.

Bukimisha, a self-proclaimed ‘secret society’ (whose name, pronounced “Boo-key-may-sha,” and roughly translates into “Creepy Company”) has enthralled Japanese audiences over several decades. They have transformed their love of music into a unique art form, building an impressive catalog exceeding 170 albums. Many of them feature selections from Akira Ifukube’s vast output of classical compositions and complete film scores. Bukimisha was even given the opportunity to perform before the legendary composer at one of his final birthday celebrations.

BSX Records is proud to once more offer the distinctive performance art of Bukimisha to movie music fans around the world. This album has been mastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland from the group’s original digital recordings, all supervised and approved by Takeo Yahiro & their great mentor, Dr. Bukimi. Exclusive liner notes by author David Hirsch details life the music featured.

This CD set is a limited run of 500 units. 

1. TALE OF ZATOICHI (1962) Main Title
2. NEW TALE OF ZATOICHI (1963) Main Title
3. ZATOICHI THE FUGITIVE (1963) Main Title / Festival
4. ZATOICHI ON THE ROAD (1963) Main Title / Lured Into the Palanquin /
Warrior On the Road / Road Resolve

5. FIGHT, ZATOICHI, FIGHT (1964) Main Title / Travel with Child / Lullaby
6. ZATOICHI’S REVENGE (1965) Main Title
7. ZATOICHI & THE CHESS EXPERT (1965) Main Title
8. ZATOICHI’S VENGEANCE (1966) Main Title / Ending
9. ZATOICHI CHALLENGED (1967)  Main Title / Don’t Stop the Useless Thing / Bloody Haze
10. ZATOICHI MEETS YOJIMBO (1970) Main Title / Gold and Karma / Yojimbo Surprise Attack
11. ZATOICHI’S CONSPIRACY (1973) Main Title / Victimization in Kasama
12. TALE OF ZATOICHI (Stage Version, 1972)
Act 1, Scene 1: Tea House at the Village Limits Near Iioka / Scene 2: The Road

Total Time: 74:44