FILM MUSIC FOR A NEW AGE - Volume One - Performed by the San Fernando Smphonic Assembly (Digital Download - 24 Bit Wav, MP3, digital PDF)



A collection of new age-style themes from various motion pictures including AVATAR, CLASH OF THE TITANS, INTERSTELLAR, STAR TREK GENERATIONS, LEGEND, STARMAN, WHAT DREAMS MAY COME and others.

Performed by the San fernando Symphonic Assembly with guest performces by Dennis McCarthy (STAR TREK), Dan Redfeld and composer Brandon K. Verrett.

1. “I See You” from AVATAR (Instrumental) (James Horner) (4:11)
2. Medley from BITTER MOON (Vangelis) (3:13)
3. “The Lovers Theme” from CLASH OF THE TITANS (Laurence Rosenthal) (3:12)
4. Theme from INTERSTELLAR (Hans Zimmer) (4:06)
5. Medley from FRANCESCO (Vangelis) (2:45)
6. “Now We Are Free” from GLADIATOR (Hans Zimmer) (4:13)
7. “Starman Leaves” from STARMAN (Jack Nitsche) (3:57)
8. “The Unicorn Theme” from LEGEND (Tangerine Dream) (4:41)
9. Theme from HEART OF MIDNIGHT (Yanni) (4:02)
10. “She Moves Through The Fair” from THE BOUNTY (Traditional) (4:39)
11. “The Nexus” from STAR TREK GENERATIONS (Dennis McCarthy) (3:23)
12. Theme from I LOVE YOU PERFECT (Yanni) (4:18)
13. Theme from A.I. (ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE) (John WIlliams) (4:33)
Vocal: Karen Hogle Brown
14. “The Meadow” from THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON (Alexander Desplat) (4:43)
15. Theme Inspired by the film WHAT DREAMS MAY COME (Ennio Morricone) (3:31)
16. “Eternal Alexander” from ALEXANDER (Vangelis) (4:36)
17. End Credits from 2010: THE YEAR WE MAKE CONTACT (David Shire) (2:33)
18. End Title from THE BOUNTY (Vangelis) (5:05)

All tracks performed by the
San Fernando Symphonic Assembly
Track 3, 13: Produced and Performed by Dan Redfeld
Tracks 8, 15: Produced and Arranged by Brandon K. Verrett
Track 11, 14: Produced and Arranged by Dennis McCarthy