HOLST'S THE PLANETS - An Electronic Realization by Patrick Gleeson



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BuySoundtrax Records is pleased to announce the release of AN ELECTRONIC PORTRAIT OF HOLST’S THE PLANETS, performed by Patrick Gleeson on the eMu Polyphonic Synthesizer for the first time on compact disc.

Originally released in 1976, AN ELECTRONIC PORTRAIT OF HOLST’S THE PLANETS has been long regarded as an early classic by fans of electronic music. Composer Patrick Gleeson chose to perform the music on the eMu Polyphonic Synthesizer, developed by David Rossum and Scott Wedge. The eMu differed from earlier synthesizers in two significant ways: It was polyphonic, able to play several notes simultaneously, with complete independence and was partially not an analog instrument, controlled by binary language unlike other contemporary synthesizers. AN ELECTRONIC PORTRAIT OF HOLST’S THE PLANETS was nominated for a "Best Engineered Recording-Classical" Grammy in 1976.

Patrick Gleeson (born November 9, 1934) is a musician, synthesizer pioneer, composer, producer and engineer, from California, USA. Gleeson began experimenting with electronic music in the mid-'60s at the San Francisco Tape Music Center using a Buchla synth and other devices. In 1968, upon hearing Wendy Carlos' Switched-On Bach, he bought a Moog synthesizer and opened Different Fur Recording in San Francisco, which had its 50th anniversary in 2018. Gleeson has said, “It was just this little one room studio in the Mission but somehow it became an institution,” responsible for many ground-breaking albums and film scores, including Herbie Hancock's HEADHUNTERS AND SEXTANT, Brian Eno and David Byrne's MY LIFE IN THE BUSH OF GHOSTS and APOCALYPSE NOW (where Gleeson led the team of synthesists that created the score).

Gleeson worked extensively with Herbie Hancock in the 1970s, touring with the Mwandishi Band - pioneering the use of synthesizers in jazz performance – and appearing on CROSSINGS, SEXTANT, SUNLIGHT and DEATH WISH. Gleeson has performed, produced and recorded with many other jazz musicians, including Lenny White, Freddie Hubbard, Charles Earland, Bennie Maupin,Wallace Roney, Eddie Henderson, Julian Priester, Joe Henderson, Ron Carter and Geri Allen. His rock credits include Journey, Jefferson Starship and Sammy Hagar.

Today, Patrick lives in Los Angeles where he still continues to write, record and produce music.

AN ELECTRONIC PORTRAIT OF HOLST’S THE PLANETS is now available from www.buysoundtrax.com. The liner notes from the original 1976 release have been retained for this new compact disc release, including comments from composer Wendy Carlos and the composer himself.

1. Mars, The Bringer of War (7:03)
2. Venus, The Bringer of Peace (7:37)
3. Mercury, The Winged Messenger (3:04)
4. Jupiter, The Bringer of Jollity (8:20)
5. Saturn, The Bringer of Old Age (9:34)
6. Uranus, The Magician (6:39)
7. Neptune, The Mystic (6:51)
Total Time: 48:18