The Incredible Hulk: Prometheus Parts 1 & 2 - Music from The Television Series

SKU: JHCD26 presents THE INCREDIBLE HULK: PROMETHEUS PARTS 1 & 2, featuring music composed and conducted by Joe Harnell for the cult television show, THE INCREDIBLE HULK, created and developed by Kenneth Johnson (THE BIONIC MAN, THE BIONIC WOMAN, V) and starring Bill Bixby as David Bruce Banner and Lou Ferrigno as his green-skinned, purple-panted living ID, along with Jack Colvin as Banner s nemesis, journalist Jack McGee and special guest stars Laurie Prange and Monte Markham.

THE INCREDIBLE HULK: PROMETHEUS PARTS 1 & 2 contains original music composed for the opening of the Fourth Season. Airing in November, 1980, PROMETHEUS finds Banner befriending Katie, a young woman recently blinded by an accident. While helping Katie back to her cabin in the woods, Banner is surprised to see a meteor land nearby. While he investigates the crash site, he is attacked by a swarm of bees, which causes him to change into the Hulk. While trying to fight off the bees, the Hulk touches the meteor rock. Returning to Katie s cabin, the Hulk begins to change back into Banner but is surprised to discover that the metamorphosis stops midway, leaving him with some of the Hulk s irradiated features and personality along with the ability to speak and a fraction of his own intellect. Captured by the military, Katie and Banner are taken to a military installation along with the meteorite, where a group of scientists working for the Prometheus Project mistakenly assume that Banner is an alien because of his current physical and mental state. Katie helps him to realize that his proximity to the meteorite is preventing him from completing his change and they must both escape from the installation if they are to survive.

PROMETHEUS was a creative high water mark for the show, featuring amazingly high production values, incorporating helicopters shooting from multiple cameras. Even the orchestra was larger than usual, augmented to 40 players, far larger than the usual orchestra size for television scores produced at the time.

Track Listing

1. INCREDIBLE HULK Main Title (1:10)
2. Opening Credits (0:34)
3. David Rescues Katie (2:48)
4. LEO (5:49)
5. Prometheus Team Arrives (0:42)
6. Meteor (1:06)
7. The Meteorite / Bee Hive (5:28)
8. Hulk Comes To Cabin (4:35)
9. Return To The Cabin (1:40)
10. Hulk Captured (7:01)
11. Arrival At Prometheus (3:29)
12. Lights Out (2:24)
13. McGee Snoops Around (0:59)
14. McGee Observes (1:00)
15. Through The Floor (1:11)
16. Hulk Loose In the Complex (1:38)
17. Rampaging Hulk (1:38)
18. Troops Pursue (1:07)
19. Escape From Prometheus (3:48)
20. David Back To Normal (2:52)
21. Alone Again (1:18)

Bonus Tracks
22. Piano Source #1 (1:20)
23. Piano Source #2 (0:21)
24. Birthday Party (1:08)
25. Remote Hands (2:27)
26. Spooky Canyon Music (0:37)
27. Prometheus (5:13)
28. Through The Floor (3:48)
29. The Lonely Man Theme (0:54)

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