NOT OF THIS EARTH / TRANSYLVANIA TWIST - Original Soundtracks by Chuck Cirino



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TRANSYLVANIA TWIST is the 1989 horror comedy directed by Jim Wynorski, written by R.J. Robertson and Wynorski, starring Robert Vaughn, the lovely Teri Copley, Steve Altman, Howard Morris, Steve Franken and Angus Scrimm along with Wynorski alums Ace Mask, Lenny Jiuliano, Monique Gabrielle, Brinke Stevens, Toni Naples and Arthur Roberts. TRANSYLVANIA TWIST tells the story of Dexter Ward (Altman), asked by his uncle, Ephram, to recover the Book Of Ulthar from the mysterious Marinas Orlock (Morris). Dexter meets Marissa Orlock (Copley) who has recently lost her estranged father, Marinas, and has to take a trip to Castle Orlock in Transylvania for the reading of his will. Marissa and Lord Byron Orlock (Vaughn) are the only living heirs to the Orlock estate. Dexter and Marissa go to Transylvania together and travel to Castle Orlock where they meet Byron Orlock, family friend Victor Van Helsing (Mask), Marinas’ butler, Stefan (Scrimm) and Byron’s three adopted daughters. Dexter and Byron are both in a race against time to find the Book Of Ulthar before Byron can read one of the spells inside and release an ancient evil from another dimension. While this sounds like a very serious plot, TRANSYLVANIA TWIST is actually a comic valentine to both the great Universal horror movies of the past and the current trends in horror films of the day and has developed quite a cult following over the years.

NOT OF THIS EARTH is the 1988 remake of the 1957 science fiction classic from Roger Corman, this time directed by Jim Wynorski and written by R.J. Robertson and Wynorski, starring Traci Lords (in her first mainstream film), Arthur Roberts and Wynorski alums Ace Mask, Lenny Juliano, Kelli Maroney and Monique Gabrielle. NOT OF THIS EARTH tells the story of Mr. Johnson (Roberts), a man with a strange health condition that requires him to receive a daily transfusion of blood to stay alive. Nadine Story (Lords) is hired to care for him and finds herself in the middle of strange circumstances as people begin to disappear around her. In actuality, Mr. Johnson, is an alien vanguard who has come to Earth from a dying planet to determine whether our planet will sustain them. When Nadine learns the truth, will she be able to stay alive long enough to warn the world and will they even believe her

The scores for these two films highlight Chuck’s mastery with electronics and his skill at writing great, catchy main themes that will stay with you long after you finish listening to this album, very much in the tradition of Vic Mizzy. In addition to composing a score for TRANSYLVANIA TWIST, Chuck also teamed up with Jim Wynorski to write two songs with absolutely hilarious lyrics that even now, decades later, will still bring a smile to your face.


1. Amateurs
2. Transylvania Twist Main Titles
3. Just Give Me Action
Vocals by Stephanie Stevens
4. Come To Castle Orlock
5. The Road To Hansberg/Van Helsing Before Dinner
6. Think Of The Royalties  
Vocals by Larom Baker

7. Ancestors Of Orlock
8. Marinas' Service

9. Stan's Favorite Musical Recording
10. The Newlydead Game
11. Seance For Lady Marissa
12. Trick Or Treat/Swing And A Miss
13. Marissa Points The Way/Dexter Finds The Book
14. The Evil One Appears
15. Destroy The Book
16. Transylvania Twist End Titles

17. Not Of This Earth Main Title
18. I'm Coming Home/Dining Out
19. Miss Story's Bedroom/First Communication
20. Several Hundred Questions
21. Sleeze-O-Mania
22. Birthday Girl
23. A Pound And A Half of Flesh
24. Footchase
25. Finding Out
26. Stop Running, Nadine
27. After Johnson
28. Not Of This Earth End Titles

29. Transylvania Twist Suite
30. Chopping Mall Suite
31. NOT OF THIS EARTH End Titles (Alternate)
32. Death City

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