OF MICE AND MEN - Original Stage Play Soundtrack by Dennis McCarthy (Digital Download - 24 Bit Wav/MP3//Digital booklet)



Buysoundtrax Digital presents an exclusive digital release of Dennis McCarthy's score to the stage adaptation of John Steinbeck's OF MICE AND MEN. 

Among the most dependable composers in the business, Dennis McCarthy’s career has ranged from being a session keyboardist and musical director for Glen Campbell to composing Emmy award-winning scores for television’s “Star Trek” franchise. For more than 35 years, McCarthy has been an in-demand composer for films and television, scoring such shows as “V: The TV Series” (1984-85), “Dynasty” (1985-89), “McGyver” (1985-91), “Birdland” (1994), as well as made-for-TV movies such as “V: The Final Battle” (1984), “Overkill: The Aileen Wuornos Story” (1992), “In His Life: The John Lennon Story” (2000), and “A Modern Twain Story: The Prince and the Pauper” (2007). McCarthy gained prominence as one of the regular composers on “Star Trek: The Next Generation” beginning in 1987, and has continued in the same capacity for three subsequent Trek series (“Deep Space Nine,” “Voyager,” and “Enterprise”), as well as the seventh Star Trek feature film, “Generations” in 1994 and related media such as video games and shorts involving “Star Trek” characters. McCarthy’s efforts have gained him six Emmy Award nominations – and two wins, first in 1991 for his dramatic score to the “Unification, Part 1” episode of “Star Trek: the Next Generation,” and again in 1993 for his Main Title to “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.”

1. George and Lennie (3:24)

2. Campfire (0:43)

3. The Dream (2:07)

4. Curley (1:54)

5. The Farm (1:04)

6. Candy (1:58)

7. Crooks (2:07)

8. Dreaming of the Future (1:15)

9. Working (1:09)

10. Little Animals (1:58)

11. In The Fields (1:40)

12. Prince of the Ranch (1:51)

13. Curley’s Wife (2:08)

14. Death of Curley’s Wife (2:04)

15. George Searches for Lennie (1:52)

16. George and Lennie at the Campsite (2:14)

17. The Final Dream (0:57)

18. Finale (1:48)

Total Time: 31:59