RAINBOW DELTA - Patrick Gleeson



CD includes Digital Download, 24 Bit Wav, MP3 and Digital Booklet

BSX Records presents a reissue of the classic 1980 electronic jazz album by celebrated composer and keyboardist Dr. Patrick Gleeson. "'Rainbow Delta' was created by Patrick Gleeson using a custom Emu synthesizer built by Emu Systems engineer Ed Rudnick utilizing an Emu Modular with a double sequencer, 'The Blue Box', and two Sequential Circuits Prophet Tens wired together and controlled via a single keyboard. Initially the result of an intensely creative acid trip, the album includes two long compositions ('Rainbow Delta' and 'Draconian Measures') that range from pulsating insect rhythms to warm melodic synth washes bringing to mind the work of a more classically based Tangerine Dream or Popol Vuh utilizing some of repetitive elements made famous by early minimalists such as Steve Reich."

Album produced by Patrick Gleeson and recorded at Different Fur Recording Studios, San Francisco.

Rainbow Delta
1. Frank Stella by Starlight (3:22)
2. Unacceptable Dance Styles (1:47)
3. Take the 5:10 to Dreamland (6:17)
4. La Grange Point Five (6:42)

Draconian Measures
5. Arrival Music (6:56)
6. Ravel Goes to Germany (3:45)
7. Hobbits Are Dancing (4:43)
8. Clouds / Blue Skies (3:44)
Total Time: 37:24