THE EDWARD DAVID ZELIFF COLLECTION: VOLUME 1 - Beyond The Next Mountain / Under Fire / The Living Word / Ezekiel File / Pilate's Easter

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Dragon’s Domain Records presents THE EDWARD DAVID ZELIFF COLLECTION, VOLUME 1 , featuring music composed by Edward David Zeliff for several projects from his filmography.

Edward David Zeliff has spent many years in the religious, student, and secular film communities composing and conducting scores for short subjects and features, leading studio orchestras in London and Los Angeles. He is a composer, pianist, arranger, and conductorhaving completed his Bachelor of Music in Composition at the California Institute of the Arts.

Released in 1981, BEYOND THE NEXT MOUNTAIN was a feature-length biopic shot on 35mm in remote locations of India, Hawaii, and rural California. The film began its existence with the title UNDER FIRE, for which Zeliff composed, recorded and delivered a completed score. Upon completion, UNDER FIRE sat on the shelf for almost a year until the financiers came to the conclusion it was not reflective of the narrative tone and artistic vision they were ultimately striving for. They replaced the original director, reshot additional footage, and rehired Zeliff to rescore a radically altered cut of the picture. Now called BEYOND THE NEXT MOUNTAIN, the film was quite a departure from its original manifestation, telling the tale of a tribe of hawkish headhunters situated in the eastern mountainous region of India on the border with Burma. Against admonitions from his own government, a British missionary journeys to the area and wielding the Gospel of John, single-handedly converts the tribe to Christianity effectively ending their warmongering ways.

THE LIVING WORD was a feature length documentary film produced by World Wide Pictures, a film distributor and production company established as a subsidiary of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. 

EZEKIEL FILE was a twenty-four minute multi-media presentation put on display at a museum in Israel. Utilizing multiple mediums including projected slides and 16mm film footage, the exhibit included three coordinated projectors—left, center, and right—giving the viewer an immersive aural and visual experience. Zeliff’s music had to be written to sound like one continual piece of music, but was broken up to reflect the various segments of the exhibit.

PILATE’S EASTER was a clever thirty-minute 16mm religious program which the composer refers affectionately as a “church basement” film because it was intended to be shown to religious groups of various Christian denominations as “faith reinforcement” pieces. 

Dragon’s Domain Records presents THE EDWARD DAVID ZELIFF COLLECTION, VOLUME 1, featuring music composed by Edward David Zeliff presented for the very first time on two compact discs. The music has been mastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland and the liner notes have been written by author and composer Brian Satterwhite, with the participation of the composer.

(Original Score)
01. Prelude / Main Title / Into the Hills (From "Beyond The Next Mountain") (4:46)
02. The Jungles of Manipur  (From "Beyond The Next Mountain") (1:14)
03. Capture / Pursuit / Interrogation (From "Beyond The Next Mountain") (3:56)
04. Horizons / The Journey Begins (From "Beyond The Next Mountain") (5:00)
05. War Runner I / Silchar / War Runner II (From "Beyond The Next Mountain") (3:43)
06. Nehru’s Gardens (From "Beyond The Next Mountain") (1:37)
07. Letters (From "Beyond The Next Mountain") (1:23)
08. The Journey Continues (From "Beyond The Next Mountain") (3:34)
09. Chicago / The Work Never Ends (From "Beyond The Next Mountain") (5:24)
10. Going to Mr. Youngman /Memories (From "Beyond The Next Mountain") (3:29)
11. Return to India (From "Beyond The Next Mountain") (2:17)
12. Finale / End Titles (From "Beyond The Next Mountain") (5:48)

(Original Score)
13. Main Title (From "Under Fire") (1:12)
14. The Child Rochunga (From "Under Fire") (2:52)
15. War Runner (From "Under Fire") (9:23)
16. After The War (From "Under Fire") (3:20)
17. Chicago (From "Under Fire") (2:02)
18. Return to India (From "Under Fire") (2:23)
19. Finale / End Titles (From "Under Fire") (5:05)
Total Time CD 1: 69:18

(Original Score)
01. The Living Word Main Title (From "The Living Word") (2:26)
02. Discovery (From "The Living Word") (1:46)
03. Creation / Noah / Abraham (From "The Living Word") (7:34)
04. The People Israel (From "The Living Word") (2:19)
05. Moses / Jericho (From "The Living Word") (5:40)
06. David / Solomon / Babylon (From "The Living Word") (4:35)
07. The Promise and the Child (From "The Living Word") (2:04)
08. From the Child to the Man (From "The Living Word") (3:36)
09. From the Garden to the Cross (From "The Living Word") (3:54)
10. Pietà (From "The Living Word") (0:55)
11. Risen / Spread the Gospel (From "The Living Word") (1:38)
12. The Living Word Finale and End Titles (From "The Living Word") (3:09)

(Original Score)
13. From the Beginning of Time (From "The Ezekial File: A New Prophecy") (2:18)
14. A Desert of Ruins and Bones (From "The Ezekial File: A New Prophecy")(1:13)
15. A People Without a Home (From "The Ezekial File: A New Prophecy") (2:44)
16. Enter the Hope (From "The Ezekial File: A New Prophecy") (1:21)
17. Enter the People (From "The Ezekial File: A New Prophecy") (2:16)
18. Enter the Spirit (From "The Ezekial File: A New Prophecy") (2:24)
19. Another Foe (From "The Ezekial File: A New Prophecy") (2:27)
20. The Enemies Unite (From "The Ezekial File: A New Prophecy") (2:10)
21. Building the Invasion (From "The Ezekial File: A New Prophecy") (2:02)
22. Atomic War (From "The Ezekial File: A New Prophecy") (3:07)
23. A Desolate Land Once Again (From "The Ezekial File: A New Prophecy") (2:17)

(Original Score)
24. TV Roll Up / Back In Time / Pilate’s Villa (From "Pilate's Easter") (2:09)
25. Procula and Pilate (From "Pilate's Easter") (3:11)
26. Trial / Deliberation / Judgement (From "Pilate's Easter") (3:05)
27. Doubt and Understanding (From "Pilate's Easter") (3:39)
28. End of Broadcast (From "Pilate's Easter") (0:45)
Total Time CD 2: 77:35