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Dragon’s Domain Records presents THE GOLDEN AGE OF SCIENCE FICTION, VOL. 1, featuring two scores from one of the most creative periods of science fiction cinema, the 1950s.

The Golden Age of Science Fiction cinema is generally understood to have occurred during the 1950s. The science that resulted in the creation and devastation of the atomic bomb, the paranoia that came with the rise of the Cold War and the advances in rocket science that heralded the possibility of space exploration had a profound effect on the popular entertainment of the decade. The monster movie that waged terror during the 1930s and ‘40s gave way to spectacles about alien invasion, enlarged mutated flora & fauna, and the dangerous discoveries beyond Earth’s horizons manifested new concepts in motion picture storytelling. But of course for every classic film, there were dozens of less stellar science fiction entertainment that found its way into cinema screens and drive-in theaters. Many of these were quickly and properly forgotten but low budget did not necessarily mean low quality, and some of these cheaply-made productions had a special charm about them

The music for WORLD WITHOUT END was composed by acclaimed film composer Leith Stevens, known for scoring some of the decade’s most influential science fiction films, from George Pal’s DESTINATION MOON (1950), WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE (1951) THE WAR OF THE WORLDS (1953) to his unique jazz-inflected scores for THE WILD ONE, CRASHOUT, and PRIVATE HELL 36. During the ‘60s he composed episodes of Irwin Allen’s television series VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA, LOST IN SPACE, THE TIME TUNNEL, and LAND OF THE GIANTS.

The score for QUEEN OF OUTER SPACE was composed by Marlin Skiles, who began working in Holly­wood in 1933, where he orchestrated and scored many kinds of films. His earliest fantastic score was for Columbia’s A THOUSAND AND ONE NIGHTS in 1945. He joined Al­lied Artists in 1952 as a staff composer, providing music for the studio’s low-budget fantasy-comedies science fiction dramas such as THE MAZE (1953). After QUEEN OF OUTER SPACE, Skiles went on to score films for other studios, including SPOOK CHASERS (1957), THE HYPNOTIC EYE (1960), THE CRAWLING HAND (1963), JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF TIME (1967) and numerous films outside the science fiction genre.

QUEEN OF OUTER SPACE (1958 - Marlin Skiles)
01. Prologue / Main Title (2:17)
02. Mysterious Ray and Space Station Destroyed (2:05)
03. We’re Not On Earth (1:58)
04. Captured by the Posse and Brought to the Queen (3:25)
05. Take Them Away / Women Drivers (2:34)
06. The Captain and the Queen (3:37)
07. Queen Unmasked (1:21)
08. Underground Escape (1:14)
09. Giant Spider and Cave Romance (2:56)
10. Captured by the Posse Again (2:40)
11. The Beta Disintegrator (4:35)
12. Finale and End Credits (1:21)

WORLD WITHOUT END (1956 - Leith Stevens)
13. Prelude (2:30)
14. The Giant Spider Cave (3:42)
15. Night Encampment and Mutant Attack (2:11)
16. The Graveyard and Mutants Attack Again (4:17)
17. The Underground City and Garnet Appears (3:31)
18. No Guts and the Tour of the City (3:24)
19. Garnet and John (2:16)
20. Eavesdropping and Mories’s Treachery (6:57)
21. The End of Mories / Final Fight and Rebirth (4:34)
Total Time 62:49