THE HAUNTED PALACE/THE PREMATURE BURIAL - Original Soundtracks by Ronald Stein

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From the mind of Edgar Allan Poe (with a nod to H.P. Lovecraft) comes this deluxe CD release of the original motion picture scores for THE HAUNTED PALACE and THE PREMATURE BURIAL, two classic horror epics directed by Roger Corman for American International Pictures.

Experience these TWO complete scores digitally remastered on ONE CD from composer RONALD STEIN, creator of music for such AIP classics as INVASION OF THE SAUCER MEN, NOT OF THIS EARTH and IT CONQUERED THE WORLD.  Both scores have never been released in any format in over 50 years!

This deluxe package also includes a 16-page color booklet detailing the making of the film by noted film historian Ted Newsom and includes interviews with Roger Corman and horror legend Vincent Price. 

Also included are dozens of rare, never-before-published photographs, plus rare original poster art from around the world.


1. American International Pictures Fanfare/Main Title
2. Arkham - The Haunted Palace 
3. People of Arkham / Beautiful Zombie/Evil Portrait
4. Village Dusk Painting /Wheaton Creature
5. Vicious Ward/Mutant Circle
6. Stormy Night 
7. Old Warlocks
8. Mysterioso
9. Tomorrow Morning/Death Of Wheaton
10. I Promise/Find The Secret Door 
11. Honoring Ann
12. Kerwin To The Rescue
13. Finale


14. Main Title
15. Basement Crypt
16. His Father's Tomb
17. Guy Remembers
18. The Dream [Part 1]
l 19. The Dream [Part 2]
20. Guy's Burial
21. The Mollie Torture
22. Guy's Funeral 
23. Key To The Crypt 
24. Guy's Choice 
25. His Father's Vault
26. Three Murders
27. Emily Abducted
28. Guy's Revenge/Emily Buried
29. Guy Shot/Rest In Peace/Finale

30. The Main TItle (Film Version) - THE HAUNTED PALACE
31. Main Title (Organ) - THE HAUNTED PALACE