Michael Perilstein – The Deadly Spawn (Special Deadly Deluxe Edition)

Perseverance Records


Michael Perilstein – The Deadly Spawn (Special Deadly Deluxe Edition)

Label: Perseverance Records – PRD 005
CD, Album, Limited Edition
Country: US
Genre: Electronic, Stage & Screen
Style: Score, Ambient
Details Of The Demented Deadly Deluxe Delights:
1 The Landing Of The Meteorite (It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's A Meteorite) 0:18
2 Afternoon Of A Spawn 2:38
3 All That Slithers Is Not Good 2:57
4 Creeping Right Along 3:47
5 Spawn With The Wind 2:14
6 Let's Spawn 4:12
7 Here Today, Spawn Tomorrow 2:34
8 Spawn Lake 3:05
9 The Spawn, Who Came In From The Cold 2:31
10 An Upstream Battle 3:42
11 The Deadly Spawn (End Theme) 4:06
Additional Brand New Material:
12 Spawn, But Not Forgotten 12:37

Original Film Score. Limited to 1000 copies.

Track 12 - Suite based on the themes from the film: Deadly Spawn Theme, Spawn With The Wind - romantic theme, Spawn Of The Dead - thematic material for a would-be sequel, Creeping Right Along, and, finally, The Deadly Spawn End Theme - with flute.

Caution: Excessive use of this product has been known to cause childishness in laboratory animals.
Absolutely no spawn were harmed during the production of this CD.

© 2004 By Michael Perilstein.
  • Barcode: 827034000529