The Texas Chainsaw Massacre-Original Soundtrack by Steve Jablonsky

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Presenting the soundtrack to the most anticipated horror/thriller of the year. From New Line Cinema (FREDDY VS. JASON, LORD OF THE RINGS) and producer Michael Bay (THE ROCK, ARMAGEDDON, BAD BOYS II), comes the brand new, big-budget, big-screen remake of the classic THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE. The amazing, chilling music score is by Steve Jablonsky, who has composed additional music for such recent blockbusters as PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN and BAD BOYS II.

1. Leather Face
  2. He's A Bad Man
  3. Erin And Kemper
  4. Hewitt House
  5. Driving With A Corpse
  6. Kemper Gets Whacked/Jedidiah
  7. Crawford Mill
  8. Interrogation
  9. Andy Loses A Leg
  10. You're So Dead
  11. Hook Me Up
  12. My Boy
  13. Morgan's Wild Ride/Van Attack
  14. Mercy Killings
  15. Prairie House
  16. Final Confrontation
  17. Can't Go Back
  18. Last Goodbye