Silverado-Original Soundtrack by Bruce Broughton (Original Intrada Release-OOP)


SKU: MAF 7035D

Soundtrack from Lawrence Kasdan western with Kevin Kline, Kevin Costner. Bruce Broughton bucks then-current trend of scoring westerns with guitar twangs, whip snaps, whistlers by writing for large orchestra with added brass, percussion. Broughton creates now-legendary theme in rousing manner, balances with second melody in flowing guise. Adding further artillery, Broughton fashions the most ferocious action music ever to ride in a saddle! From opening ambush to final showdow

1 Silverado Main Title 4:47
2 To Turley 2:43
3 The Getaway / Riding As One 4:21
4 Ezra's Death 1:53
5 The McKendrick Attack 1:38
6 Augie Is Taken 2:36
7 On To Silverado 6:26
8 This Oughta Do 4:51
9 Augie's Rescue 6:36
10 Slick, Then McKendrick 4:03
11 Goodbye, Cobb 2:06
12 End Credits (We'll Be Back) 4:22