Vanishing Point-Original Soundtrack Recording



Forty years on, the film still has a mystical appeal. For no apparent reason Barry Newman is told to drive a Dodge Challenger from Denver to San Francisco in 15 hours. 

Needless to say the cops are in hot pursuit. With a terrific soundtrack featuring tracks played by blind DJ, ‘Super Soul’ he nearly makes it….

Vanishing Point
Track Listing
1. Super Soul Theme - J. B. Pickers
2. The Girl Done got it Together - B. Doyle
3. Where do we go from here? - J. Walker
4. Welcome to Nevada - Jerry Reed
5. Dear Jesus God - Segarini & Bishop
6. Runaway Country- Doug Dillard Expedition
7. You got to believe - Delaney & Bonnie
8. Love Theme - Jimmy Bowen Orchestra
9. So Tired - Eva
10. Freedom of Expression - J. B. Pickers
11. Missisippi Queen - Mountain
12. Sing out for Jesus - Big Mama Thornton
13. Over Me - Segarini & Bishop
14. Nobody Knows - Kim & Dave