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Buysoundtrax Records is proud to present an original compilation of music from composer Ghiya Rushidat, ALL THE IMAGINARY VIDEO GAMES I SCORED. Ghiya brilliantly conceptualizes several different musical themes, ranging from pulse-pounding action to lyrical ethnic melodies inspired by a multitude of video game genres. Ghiya is a rising star in the film music world and we are proud to introduce her first album of original music. 

Ghiya Rushidat was born in Saudi Arabia, and raised in Jordan.  As one of the few female composers of Arab heritage, Ghiya takes pride in shattering stereotypes about women in film music, and about Middle Eastern women in general.  Despite a physical attack after her concert in Jordan, this resilient artist continues to share her voice and her emotive and provocative scores with American audiences.  She is especially interested in scoring films not traditionally offered to women, such as big action films.

Ghiya entered the world of music at the age of four. Playing piano by ear, then receiving formal and classical piano education. From childhood, she intended to become a concert pianist, and followed that path until 2008, when she lost her first love to cancer.  Composing became a coping mechanism, and continued to help her grieve when her father passed away two years later.  These events have profoundly shaped her music.

She attended the Royal College of Music in London, the Conservatoire National de Danse et de Musique de Lyon in France, and Yermouk University in Jordan, acquiring three degrees in piano performance and musicology along the way, as well as proficiency in three languages.  Always pushing further, Ghiya will be starting a fourth degree at another distinguished institute, this time in neuroscience.  She is also currently learning to speak Mandarin.

In 2014, Ghiya moved to the US. Upon her arrival, she composed her first Hollywood film, Pen of Mirrors (starring Eric Roberts). Her melodic, dissonant, and layered score quickly gained wide critical acclaim, and has lead to steady work in Hollywood, on films, television shows, and video games.  

In 2016, she received a commission for composition for a royal event, where she can return to her musical and cultural roots and compose Arab and oriental music for the event.  She has since composed pieces for other royalty from a variety of Middle Eastern countries.

Ghiya was mentored by a number of major A-list Hollywood composers as Christopher Lennertz (Trolls, Lost In Space, The Smurfs..), Christopher Young (The Exorcist, Spiderman, The Grudge..) and Timothy Wynn (Total War, Madden NFL..). She was awarded the prestigious BMI Foundation Pete Carpenter Fellowship in 2017 for her piece Fly and Flow that was recorded by a 70-piece orchestra in Budapest.  She also counts among her honors the Global Music Awards Silver Medal for outstanding achievement in film and TV scoring, and is a jury member of Le Petit Cannes Film Festival 2018. 

A passionate philanthropist, Ghiya has lent her time to various charities, particularly those aiding abused women, children with disabilities, and cancer patients. Ghiya was nominated for the influential Queen Rania award and is currently partnered with an ex-NASA rocket scientist, developing technologies to help children with autism express themselves more freely. 

In what time she has to spare, Ghiya loves good books and better coffee. Her interests range from knitting to neuroscience to playing a variety of musical instruments.  She believes that having a well-rounded life contributes to her artistry.

In the future Ghiya would like to do more work on video games and increase her philanthropy. She lives in LA with her best friend, her dog Grey, who is loved by everyone he meets. 

1. Secret (Instrumental) (4:02)
2. Journey Begins Here (1:10)
3. It's My Battle Now (2:53)
4. Organized Chaos (1:26)
5. Birka (1:45)
6. Call of the Wind (1:52)
7. Line of Sight (1:34)
8. Maxxed Out (2:54)
9. Farah (1:50)
10. Fountains of Gold (1:31)
11. Spirit of the Gate (2:38)
12. Point of No Return (1:24)
13. Broken Worlds (1:49)
14. Missing Souls (2:49)
15. Assault On The Battlefield (2:08)
16. Love Birds (1:14)
17. Secret (Vocal) (4:01)
Total Time: 37:41