FADE TO BLACK - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Craig Safan

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BSX Records presents a new Disc-On-Demand edition of Craig Safan's score to the 1980 thriller FADE TO BLACK starring Dennis Christopher, Tim Thomerson and Linda Kerridge,

The story concerns Eric Binford (Dennis Christopher), an obsessive movie fan whose fixation on movies descends into psychosis when he confronts a Marilyn Monroe look-alike whose unintentional rebuff infuriates him into becoming a homicidal maniac. Eric impersonates a gallery of classic movie characters like Dracula, The Mummy, Hopalong Cassidy, and Norman Bates as he murders his oppressors in imitation of scenes from classic movies, finally targeting Marilyn herself.

Composer Craig Safan came on board FADE TO BLACK early in his career. He’d been scoring movies for five years – family comedies like THE BAD NEWS BEARS IN BREAKING TRAINING and CORVETTE SUMMER and action comedies like THE GREAT TEXAS DYNAMITE CHASE and THE LAST OF THE COWBOYS – so it was quite a change of pace to score a dark thriller like FADE TO BLACK, even if it had its share of comedic story elements.

FADE TO BLACK would launch Safan’s most active period in film scoring, the era in which he would be known for such scores as WARNING SIGN, A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 4, REMO WILLIAMS, MAJOR PAYNE, STAND AND DELIVER, and his epic symphonic science fiction score, THE LAST STARFIGHTER. He also scored a lot of episodic television, most notably CHEERS, which won numerous ASCAP awards for his music.

BSX offers this title as a disc-on-demand CDR release.

1. Main Title (2:51)
2. Vespa (0:33)
3. Marilyn (1:07)
4. Eric's Dream Quiz (1:24)
5. Marilyn On Vespa (1:41)
6. Looking For The Skate Shop (0:48)
7. Rub My Back (1:05)
8. Looking For Marilyn (4:03)
9. Wheelchair (2:49)
10. 20th Presents (2:08)
11. The Face (2:17)
12. The Shower (1:52)
13. Dracula Pursues (0:55)
14. Taste of Blood (1:14)
15. Hop-A-Long Ritchie (1:54)
16. Aunt Stella's Comeback (1:22)
17. Hollywood (1:00)
18. Self Abuse (1:27)
19. Film Cans As Metaphor (1:55)
20. The Mummy (1:40)
21. Heart Attack (0:49)
22. The Sensuous Showgirl (1:40)
23. On The Chinese (2:17)
24. Little Ants Shoot Eric (1:26)
25. Top Of The World (2:18)
26. Can't Keep Them Waiting (1:40)
27. Run Marilyn Run (1:04)
28. La Valse (2:23)
29. On The Roof (0:46)
30. Heroes Die (End Credit Song) (3:18)

Total Time: 51:31

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