FINDING HOME - Original Soundtrack by Joseph Conlan



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Buysoundtrax presents the original motion picture soundtrack to FINDING HOME, the 2005 drama directed by Lawrence D. Foldes, starring Lisa Brenner (THE TRIANGLE), Louise Fletcher (ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST, BRAINSTORM) and Genevieve Bujold (ANNE OF THE THOUSAND DAYS, COMA, DEAD RINGERS) featuring music composed and conducted by Joseph Conlan.

An ambitious young executive inherits a Bread And Breakfast on a remote island in Maine when her grandmother passes away. Intending to sell the place off, she begins to go through her grandmother’s belongings and begins to learn about her family’s past, ultimately making her re-evaluate her life and values.

The music for FINDING HOME is written by Joseph Conlan, veteran composer of both film and television, with a career that spans over two decades, on projects such as SIMON & SIMON, AIRWOLF, THE EQUALIZER, TOUR OF DUTY, Navy NCIS, V: THE FINAL BATTLE, KOJAK: THE BELARUS FILE, THE RETURN OF HUNTER, SHAUGHNESSY, ED McBAIN’S 87TH PRECINCT: ICE, STORIES FROM MY CHILDHOOD and THE ROSA PARKS STORY, among others. He recently won a BMI TV Music Award for his work on Navy NCIS and has been nominated twice for Emmys. The FINDING HOME Main Title Song recently won won Best Song at Rome Int'l Film Festival.

This release of FINDING HOME marks the first time any of his film work has ever appeared on a commercial CD release.

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1. Finding Home 2:37
2. The News 1:47
3. One Telephone Call 8:35
4. Like It Was Yesterday 1:42
5. My Old Room 1:28
6. Shadows 0:39
7. Lemon Drops 2:13
8. Finding Middle C 1:20
9. Tea At The Plaza 0:54
10. I Need A Friend 1:16
11. Dear Diary 1:56
12. Candace Comes To Help 3:17
13. Return To Sender 2:32
14. Esther & Sean 4:30
15. Dave’s Place 2:07
16. The Negotiation 2:12
17. Awkward Arrivals 1:58
18. Something About Dave 1:48
19. Dave & His Knife 1:52
20. N, A, S & G 1:34
21. The Key / Not Your Father 6:29
22. AP & DL / Nick Goes South 6:51
23. Farewell To Nick 2:02
24. The Dotted Line 1:27
25. Looking Back 1:27
26. Half Way 2:29
27. Withdraw The Offer 6:50
28. Finding Home End Credits 4:45
Vocal: Holly Conlan