BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS - Original Soundtrack by James Horner



(Includes Free Digital Download/Digital booklet)

BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS is a limited edition of 1000 units.

BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS, featuring music composed by James Horner (STAR TREK II & III, KRULL, ALIENS, AVATAR) for the 1980 science fiction cult classic directed by Jimmy T. Murakami (WHEN THE WIND BLOWS, CHRISTMAS CAROL: THE MOVIE, HEAVY METAL), produced by the great Roger Corman, featuring a script by John Sayles (PIRANHA, THE HOWLING, ALLIGATOR, MATEWAN, LONE STAR) and Anne Dyer, starring Richard Thomas (THE WALTONS), Robert Vaughn (THE MAN FROM U.N.C.LE., THE MAGNIFICENT 7), George Peppard (THE BLUE MAX, BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S, THE A-TEAM) and John Saxon (ENTER THE DRAGON, NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, JOE KIDD).

Released in the wake of STAR WARS in 1980 amidst a slew of other imitators, BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS set itself apart from the other films with a charming and clever script that was equal parts STAR WARS and Akira Kurosawa’s SEVEN SAMURAI, sprinkled with THE MAGNIFICENT 7

In 1980, at age 26  James Horner , having written some additional music for Roger Corman’s UP FROM THE DEPTHS and following his first solo efforts on THE LADY IN RED and HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP, James Horner prepared to take on his first big film scoring assignment. With John Williams’ STAR WARS and Jerry Goldsmith’s STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE as his barometer, Horner set out to write a large scale symphonic score cut from the same cloth, in the grand symphonic tradition of the composers of the Golden Age. 

In addition to James Horner’s great orchestral score, BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS also benefited from sound design and additional music composed by Alan Howarth. Already acknowledged for his talents as a sound designer on films such as STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE, GALAXINA and THE FINAL COUNTDOWN,  

Previously released on a scarce compact disc by GNP Crescendo Records in 2001, BUYSOUNDTRAX Records now presents the original motion picture soundtrack to BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS, featuring music composed by James Horner, to coincide with the DVD and Blu-Ray release of the film on 7/12/11. The booklet features notes by author Randall Larson and the music has been newly mastered for the highest fidelity possible by James Nelson of Digital Outland


1. Main Title (1:59)
2. Malmori Rear Guard (3:46)
3. Love Theme (3:48)
4. Cowboy and the Jackers (3:30)
5. Nanelia's Capture (1:24)
6. The Hunter (1:35)
7. Nanelia (1:28)
8. The Battle Begins (4:28)
9. The Maze Battle (3:06)
10. Gelt's Death (1:25)
11. Nanelia and Shad (1:23)
12. Heading For Sador (0:55)
13. Cowboy's Attack (1:42)
14. Shad's Pursuit (3:18)
15. Destruction of Hammerhead (3:35)
16. Epilogue and End Title (4:58)
Music Composed byJames Horner

17. Gelt’s Chamber 
Music Composed by Alan Howarth


Created and Produced by Alan Howarth
18. Command Ship Radio Chatter
19. Drone Chatter #1
20. Drone Chatter #2
21. Drone Chatter #3
22. Drone Chatter #4
23. Drone Chatter #6
24. Drone Chatter #7
25. Drone Chatter #8
26. Drone Chatter #9
27. Drone Chatter #10
28. Drone Chatter #11
29. Drone Chatter #12
30. Drone Chatter #13
31. Drone Chatter #14
32. Laser Artillery #1
33. Laser Artillery #2
34. Laser Artillery #3
35. Laser Artillery #4
36. Stereo Fly-Bys
37. Pass-Bys with Vocoder
38. Hammerhead Low Rumble
39. Nell Cave Launch - 1st Stage
40. Nell Cave Launch - 2nd Stage
41. Nell Cave Launch - 3rd Stage
42. Nell Fly Away
43. Nell Engine Build-Up
44. Nell Exterior Fly-By
45. Nell Maneuvering Thrusters
46. Bad Guy Lasers
47. Telemetry #1
48. Laser Blast
49. Sonic Tank Short Blast
50. Sonic Tank Long Blast
51. Drone Chatter #5 (Long Live Lord Sador)

Music Composed by James Horner
Performed by the 
City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
Conducted by Nic Raine
Produced By James Fitzpatrick
Courtesy of SILVA SCREEN RECORDS © 2011