PATRICK GLEESON'S STAR WARS (CD includes Digital Download - 24 Bit Wav, MP3, Digital PDF)



Buysoundtrax Records presents for the first time on compact disc PATRICK GLEESON'S STAR WARS, an electronic realization of themes from John Williams' STAR WARS as performed by Gleeson on an eMU synthesizer. Originally recorded in 1977, Gleeson used what were, at the time, state of the art synthesizer systems to electronically recreate John William's iconic score. 

1. STAR WARS Theme (Luke’s Theme) (5:33) 

2. The Tatooine Desert (6:23) 

3. Death Star (5:25) 

4. STAR WARS Cantina Music (3:13) 

5. Princess Leia’s Theme (3:54) 

6. Droids (2:14) 

7. Ben Kenobi’s Theme (6:49)

Total Time: 33:48