SAVATE - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Kevin Kiner




CD Includes Digital Download / Digital Booklet

BSX Records presents a Disc-On-Demand edition of the original soundtrack to SAVATE featuring music composed by Kevin Kiner for the 1995 action film directed by Isaac Florentine, written by Florentine, Julian Stone and Philip Halprin, starring Oliver Gruner, Ashley Laurence, Ian Zeiring, Michael Palance, Donald Gibb, Marc Singer, Rance Howard and James Brolin.

Taking place in 1865, SAVATE tells the story of Joseph Charlegrand (Gruner), a former French soldier who learns that his best friend has been murdered by an officer of the French Foreign Legion in Mexico. As he searches for the officer, he travels from Mexico to the United States to attend a martial arts tournament as he expects his prey will be competing. On his way from Mexico to Texas, he gets involved in the struggle between poor farmers and a rich landowner who is trying to force them to sell their land. To help the farmers, Charlegrand offers to teach them his skills in French kickboxing, also known as Savate.

Prolific composer Kevin Kiner began his film music career in 1985, scoring a number of television projects, including all 100+ episodes of the syndicated 1988-92 superhero TV series SUPERBOY. His subsequent endeavors range from animated STAR WARS series such as THE CLONE WARS and THE BAD BATCH, Westerns and cop TV shows, and DC superhero shows such as DOOM PATROL, PEACEMAKER and TITANS. Most recently he composed the music for the Disney+ series AHSOKA.

01. Savate: Main Title 2:16
02. Charlegrand Surrounded / Fighting Bandits 5:16
03. The Medal / First Flashback Begins 3:02
04. Cain and Charlegrand Fight Mitchum’s Men I 3:01
05. Just Passing Through / The Next Morning 2:09
06. Benedict and His Gang Arrive 1:32
07. Cain and Charlegrand Fight Mitchum’s Men II 2:37
08. The Scar 1:26
09. Second Flashback / Von Trotta Beats Phillippe 1:56
10. Cain’s Solution / Bet on Me to Win 2:06
11. Burning Cain’s Barn To The Ground 1:56
12. Cain Rides Into Town 1:35
13. The Accusation / Mitchum Kills Cain 2:20
14. Mitchum Watches Funeral 1:59
15. Von Trotta Enters Town 1:59
16. Third Flashback / Phillippe’s Well Death 2:43
17. Tournament Music 0:46
18. Into The Ring / Charlegrand Wins The Match 1:31
19. Fight Montage 1:16
20. Von Trotta Vs. The Chinaman 2:30
21. Charlegrand Vs. The African 2:36
22. Charlegrand Rescues Mary 2:48
23. Charlegrand’s Showdown with Mitchum 3:44
24. Walk to the Tournament / Entering The Ring 4:00
25. Final Fight With Von Trotta 5:00
26. Epilogue / Saving The Town 2:55
27. Savate: End Credits 2:01

Total Time: 68:07

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