TRINITY AND BEYOND - Original Soundtrack by William T. Stromberg and John Morgan



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Composer/Conductor William Stromberg masterfully evokes both the spectacular beauty and the unfathomable horror of the Atomic Age in his acclaimed orchestral score to director Peter Kuran’s Award-Winning nuclear bomb documentary, TRINITY AND BEYOND.

Expertly performed by The Moscow Symphony Orchestra and Chorus and featuring additional music by John Morgan, Lennie Moore and Edgardo Simone, this accomplished score to what is now regarded as “THE atomic bomb movie”, sounds better now than it ever has and is once again available exclusively from

1. Monument Site / 100 Tons of TNT
2. Newsreel
3. Fat Man and Little Boy
4. Hiroshima / Nagasaki Requiem
5. Operation Crossroads
6. Armada Annihilation
7. Deus Vult
8. Nautical Graveyard
9. Operation Sandstone
10. Improved Stockpile Bomb
11. Russia Gets the Bomb
12. Operation Ranger-Able
13. Operation Greenhouse
14. Boosting with Tritium
15. The George Device
16. The Atomic Cannon
17. Castle Bravo
18. Operation Wigwam
19. Cherokee Deliverable H-Bomb
20. The Hood Device
21. Operation Hardtack / Teak and Orange
22. Russian Monster Bomb
23. Operation Dominic
24. Christmas Island Tests
25. Thor Missiles
26. China Gets the Bomb