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BSX Records, in association with Citadel Records presents A MEMORIAL TRIBUTE TO DAVID DIAMOND: HEART'S MUSIC featuring world premiere recordings by Jack Stamp and the Keystone Wind Ensemble and songs set to poems by T.S Eliot, James Joyce, Marilyn Monroe, Katherine Ann Porter and Percy Bysshe Shelley.

Featuring Curt Scheib-Baritone, Mary Logan Hastings-Soprano and Jan Halmes-Piano.

1. Hearts Music (Diamond)
2. Tantivy, for Band (Diamond)
3. Ceremonial Fanfare (Diamond)
4. October, for symphonic wind orchestra (Eric Whitaker)

Variations On a Bach Chorale - Jack Stamp (Dedicated to David Diamond)
5. - I. Fanfare/Chorale
6. - II. Cantus Firmus
7. - III. Recitative
8. - IV. Fugue and Final Chorale

The Keystone Wind Ensemble/The Iup Wind Ensemble,
Conducted by Jack Stamp

Songs Set To Poems - Diamond
9. My Spirit Will Not Haunt the Mound, for voice & piano
10. On Death, for voice & piano
11. Full Fathom Five, for voice & piano
12. This World Is Not My Home, for voice & piano
13. A Flower Given to My Daughter, for voice & piano
14. No More Dams, for voice & piano
15. While You Here Do Snoring Lie (for Aaron Copland), for voice & piano
16. Anniversary in a Country Cemetery, for voice & piano
17. Sister Jane, for voice & piano
18. For an Old Man, for voice & piano
19. Epitaph, for voice & piano
20. Music, When Soft Voices Die, for voice & piano
21. Brigid's Song, for voice & piano
22. Don't Cry, for voice & piano
23. To Lucasta, for voice & piano
24. Billy in the Darbies, for voice & piano
25. A Portrait, for voice & piano
26. Lift Not the Painted Veil, for voice & piano