CRY OF THE BANSHEE/THE EDGAR ALLEN POE SUITE/HORROR EXPRESS - Original Soundtracks by Les Baxter and John Cacavas

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BSX Records, in association with Citadel Records presents the original soundtrack to the 1970 motion picture CRY OF THE BANSHEE with music composed by Les Baxter. Monomaniacal witch hunter Lord Edward Whitman (Vincent Price) cruelly persecutes the peasants in his corner of Elizabethan England, manufacturing charges and meting out punishment without regard to justice. While trying to wipe out a coven of witches, he fails to take into account the possibility that real witches might have real power. He is unprepared when Oona (Elisabeth Bergner), the head of the coven, transforms a trusted member of Whitman's household into a vehicle of demonic vengeance.
Also included on this album is Les Baxter's Edgar Allen Poe Suite featuring tracks from THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM, THE SPHINX, THE CASK OF AMONTILLADO and THE TELL-TALE HEART. Finishing up the album is the original soundtrack to the 1972 film HORROR EXPRESS with music by John Cacavas. Alexander Saxton (Christopher Lee), a brilliant British anthropologist researching in the Russian Far East, boards the Trans-Siberian Express with his latest discovery, a frozen specimen he hopes to prove is the missing link. But en route to Europe, passengers begin to turn up dead, and terror engulfs the train as Saxton and his partner, Dr. Wells (Peter Cushing), struggle to contain a mysterious -- and increasingly murderous -- force with the power to control minds.

Composed and Conducted by Les Baxter
From the Original Television Soundtrack
1. The Pit and the Pendulum 7:05
2. The Sphinx 5:02
3. The Cask of Amontillado 4:45
4. The Tell-Tale Heart 7:10
Composed and Conducted by Les Baxter
Suites from the Original Motion Picture Score
5. Cry of the Banshee Suite  19:40
Composed and Conducted by John Cacavas
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
6. Main Title 2:01
7. Icy Search 2:35
8. Ballet - Russian 2:15
9. The Journey Begins 1:38
10. Pujaro’s Theme 0:52
11. Deadly Pursuit 1:41
12. Train 0:39
13. Fugue 2:29
14. End Title 3:01
TT: 61:58