MIDAS RUN / THE HOUSE / THE NIGHT VISITOR - Original Soundtracks by Elmer Bernstein and Henry Mancini

Citadel Records

SKU: STC77105

CD Comes with Digital Download: 24 Bit Wav/MP3/Digital Booklet

BSX Records in association with Citadel Records presents the original soundtrack to the 1969 comedy MIDAS RUN starring Richard Crenna, Anne Heywood and Fred Astaire with music composed by Elmer Bernstein. Also featured is Bernstein's score to the 1955 Charles and Ray Eames short documentary film, THE HOUSE, AFTER FIVE YEARS OF LIVING.

Capping it off is a suite from the 1971 thriller THE NIGHT VISITOR starring Max Von Sydow and Liv Ullman with music by Henry Mancini.

1. Main Theme (From "Midas Run") (2:25)
2. Love Affair (From "Midas Run") (1:01)
3. The Foreign Office (From "Midas Run") (1:07)
4. Police Story (From "Midas Run") (0:48)
5. Mr. Pedley at the Palace (From "Midas Run") (2:07)
6. Memories (From "Midas Run") (1:24)
7. Love in the Countr (From "Midas Run")y (3:54)
8. Morning Dew (From "Midas Run") (2:55)
9. The Palace Guards (From "Midas Run") (1:52)
10. Disco (From "Midas Run")(2:20)
11. The Caper (From "Midas Run") (1:03)
12. Change of Heart (From "Midas Run") (1:19)
13. The End (From "Midas Run") (1:29)
14. Prologue and Elements (From "House, After Years Of Living") (0:52)
15. Setting (From "House, After Years Of Living") (1:58)
16. Living Room (From "House, After Years Of Living") (2:07)
17. Upstairs (From "House, After Years Of Living") (1:44)
18. Studio (From "House, After Years Of Living") (1:43)
19. Conclusion (From "House, After Years Of Living") (1:58)
20. Reflections (From "House, After Years Of Living") (0:44)
21. Suite (From "The Night Visitor") (18:00)
Total Time: 54:46