ONE MAN'S HERO - Original Soundtrack by Ernest Troost

Citadel Records

SKU: STC77126

CD includes Digital Download Package - 24 Bit WAV, MP3, Digital Booklet

Buysoundtrax Digital in association with Citadel Records presents the original soundtrack by Ernest Troost to the 1999 historical drama ONE MAN'S HERO starring Tom Berenger, Daniela Romo and Patrick Bergin. In 1848, Jon Riley (Tom Berenger) heads a group of Irish-born Roman Catholic soldiers in the U.S. Army. The group faces religious prejudice in the predominantly Protestant military. In the midst of the war against Mexico, Riley and some of his fellow soldiers go to a Catholic church and are cruelly punished as a result. Because of this, they defect to the Mexican Army, where they meet guerrilla leader Cortina (Joaquim de Almeida), with whom they forge an unlikely bond.

1. Main Titles 4:27

2. Marta 2:01

3. Joining The Army 2:48

4. A Thousand Years 3:48

5. The Flag / First Battle 7:17

6. The Yanquis/ Nexor 2:50

7. The Kiss 1:35

8. Night Battle 2:56

9. Defeated March 2:27

10. Please, Marta 1:09

11. The Whipping 2:43

12. Pesadumbre 3:56

13. Final Battle /Final Stand 6:23

14. Final Choice 2:37

15. The Executions 3:09

16. The Branding 1:19

17. Closing 3:56