SHOSTAKOVICH FILM SCORES: The Maxim Trilogy - Including Music from the films 'Maxim's Youth', 'Maxim's Return', and 'Vyborg District'

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Buysoundtrax Digital in association with Citadel Records presents Suites from the Original Motion PIcture Scores to The Maxim Trilogy, Belinsky and Pirogov composed by Dmitri Shostakovich. Performed by the Belarus RTV Symphony Orchestra and the Belarus State Chorus. Conducted by Walter Mnatsakanov. 

1. Prelude (From "The Maxim Trilogy") 4:05
2. Attack Scene (From "The Maxim Trilogy") 2:14
3. The Death Of The Old Worker (From "The Maxim Trilogy") 6:35
4. Waltz (From "The Maxim Trilogy") 3:11
5. Demonstration (From "The Maxim Trilogy") 2:48
6. Fighting On The Barricades (From "The Maxim Trilogy") 5:21
7. Funeral March / Finale (From "The Maxim Trilogy") 3:55
8. Overture (From "Belinsky") 04:12
9. Sorrowful Song (From "Belinsky") 11:15
10. The Strength Of The People (From "Belinsky") 2:29
11. Intermezzo / Song Without Words (From "Belinsky") 6:53
12. Scene / Finale (From "Belinsky") 7:38
13. Introduction (From "Pirogov") 3:55
14. Scene (From "Pirogov") 2:19
15. Waltz (From "Pirogov") 4:56
16. Scherzo (From "Pirogov") 2:40
17. Finale (From "Pirogov") 3:33