THE ETERNAL SEA / MAKE HASTE TO LIVE - Original Soundtracks by Elmer Bernstein


SKU: LEC9001

BSX Records in association with Citadel Records presents two classic Elmer Bernstein Scores on one release, THE ETERNAL SEA (1955) and MAKE HASTE TO LIVE (1954). The Eternal Sea is directed by John H. Auer and stars Sterling Hayden, Alexis Smith and Ben Cooper. After an American naval officer loses his leg at the Battle of Leyte Gulf, he resists attempts to retire him and continues in the service after learning to cope with his disability. He goes on to be promoted to admiral and commands an aircraft carrier during the Korean War.

Make Haste to Live is a film noir thriller film directed by William A. Seiter, and stars Dorothy McGuire and Stephen McNally. Crystal Benson (Dorothy McGuire), a small-town newspaper owner, fears her former husband, Steve Blackford (Stephen McNally), is stalking her. In flashbacks, Crystal relates her secret past: While young, she marries charismatic mobster Steve. When he grows increasingly violent, Crystal runs away and assumes a new identity. When a prostitute accidentally dies in Steve's house and Crystal cannot be found, he's jailed for her murder. Now, having served his time, Steve comes to town for revenge.

1. Main Title (1:35)
2. The Eternal Sea Theme (3:02)
3. Opening- John Returns Home / Seven Hours (1:03)
4. Quonset Point Pilot Training Montage (0:51)
5. USS Princeton / “Enemy Aircraft off Port Beam (1:01)
6. Enemy Planes Bomb Princeton (1:29)
7. Princeton Sunk / Crew Rescued / John’s Leg Crushed (0:22)
8. John Recovers from Princeton Attack (0:48)
9. Artificial Leg / John Calls Sue From Hospital (0:50)
10. The New Princeton is Built (2:00)
11. John Falls from Scaffolding /Back to the Hospital (1:04)
12. Carrier Jets / Korean War (1:14)
13. Letters Home to Sue (1:48)
14. Love Theme (4:07)
15. Alternate Battle Medley (2:50)
16. Unused End Credits (1:54)

17. Main Title (1:08)
18. A Stranger in Her House (3:36)
19. Memories of Meeting Steve (3:39)
20. Memories, Marriage and Murder (2:23)
21. Crystal Worries / Randy & Hack Chat (0:44)
22. Garden Party - Accordion Dance Music (1:24)
23. Garden Party - Big Band Swing (1:28)
24. Garden Party - Slow Dance (1:04)
25. Mexican Fiesta Music - Steve & Randy (0:36)
26. Mexican Fiesta Music - Steve & Crystal (0:47)
27. Inbound Airplane / Steve Goes After Randy (1:05)
28. Night Rendezvous (0:20)
29. Sheriff Lafe & Josh Make Plans to Catch Steve (1:29)
30. Crys Lures Steve to Indian Diggings (1:28)
31. Source Music Track (2:07)
32. Crys’ Trap Thwarted (3:26)
34. Cavern Confrontation / Steve’s End (3:52)
Total Time: 54:46