DOWNTON ABBEY: BRITAIN'S FINEST TELEVISION THEMES - Performed by the Meridian Studio Ensemble



BSX Digital is proud to announce a collection of classic and modern iconic themes from British television. Included herein are the themes from DOWNTON ABBEY, DOCTOR WHO, TORCHWOOD, ORPHAN BLACK along with classic fovorites such as THUNDERBIRDS, BLAKE'S 7, THE AVENGERS and UFO. Produced and Performed by the Meridian Studio Orchestra.

1. DOWNTON ABBEY Main Title (0:35)
Music by John Lunn

2. DOCTOR WHO Main Title - Season 8 (0:45)
Music by Ron Grainer

3. TORCHWOOD Main Theme (1:40)
Music by Murray Gold

4. ORPHAN BLACK: Main Theme (0:38)
Music by Two Fingers

5. COPPER: Main Title (1:56)
Music by Brian Keane

6. RIPPER STREET: Main Title (0:35)
Music by Dominik Scherrer

7. BLACKADDER: Main Theme-Season 1 (Vocal) (1:08)
Music by Howard Goodall

8. SHERLOCK End Titles (0:54)
Music by David Arnold and Michael Price

9. BLAKE’S 7: Main Theme (3:20)
Music by Dudley Simpson

10. RED DWARF Suite (1:46)
Music by Howard Goodall

11. FAWLTY TOWERS Main Title (1:10)
Music by Dennis Wilson

12. PRIMEVAL: End Title (0:33)
Music by Murray Gold

13. THE TUDORS : Main Theme (1:08)
Music by Trevor Morris

14. THE AVENGERS: Main Title (0:44)
Music by Laurie Johnson

15. THUNDERBIRDS: Main Title (0:56)
Music by Barry Gray

16. UFO: Main Theme (1:08)
Music by Barry Gray

17. BLACKADDER GOES FOURTH End Titles (0:43)
Music by Howard Goodall