WITHOUT A CLUE - Original Soundtrack by Henry Mancini




BUYSOUNDTRAX Records presents the premiere soundtrack release of Henry Mancini’s score for WITHOUT A CLUE, including the the complete musical score, along with the orchestral accompaniment for the period songs and source music used in the film as bonus tracks.

Set in Victorian England, WITHOUT A CLUE takes the mythology of Sherlock Holmes and turns it completely on its head by revealing that it’s Dr. Watson (Ben Kingsley) who is the brilliant detective while Sherlock Holmes is played by a bumbling actor (Michael Caine) to keep up appearances. Along for the ride are Jeffrey Jones (FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF) as Inspector Lestrade, Paul Freeman (RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK) as Professor Moriarity and Lysette Anthony (KRULL) as a clever femme fatale. WITHOUT A CLUE is supported by a dramatic orchestral score composed and conducted by the great Henry Mancini. The music plays counterpoint to the humorous antics of “the World’s Greatest Detective”, in a style that only Henry Mancini could provide.

Born In Cleveland, Ohio in 1924 but brought up in Pennsylvania, Henry Mancini began his career playing with the Glenn Miller band. Shortly afterwards, he worked for six years at Universal, working on comedies and horror films. His first big success came with THE GLENN MILLER STORY, which allowed him to score other films and, in the process, change the style of film scoring by injecting jazz elements into the traditional orchestral arrangements of the time. In his career, he was nominated for 18 Oscars and won 4. In addition, he won 20 Grammys and 2 Emmys, has had over 500 works published and is considered one of the most commercially successful film composers of all time. He collaborated frequently with writer/director Blake Edwards on projects such as PETER GUNN, BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S, DAYS OF WINE AND ROSES, the PINK PANTHER films and VICTOR/VICTORIA.

1. Enter Sherlock Holmes 1:04
2. Without A Clue Main Title 2:09
3. Holmes Gets The Sack 0:31
4. Burn Out 0:58
5. No Clue 0:33
6. Lord Smythic 0:44
7. Enter Professor Moriarty 1:27
8. Super Sleuth 2:21
9. To Windemere 1:50
10. Clueless 0:39
11. Panorama 0:32
12. Watson Sees All 2:54
13. Holmes Hangs 1:32
14. Super Sleuth / Watson Sees All 2:23
15. Pretty Young Thing 0:53
16. Ruffian Attack 1:02
17. Woo / Come On Interuptis 1:41
18. Sherlock Docks /
Dockside Stealth / The Shoot Out 6:26
19. Watson Is Dead? / Sorry 1:42
20. Have No Fear / Tell Tale Bank Note 1:28
21. The Secret Code / Humming 3:53
22. Watson Returns? 3:11
23. Fire 0:41
24. The Police Arrive 0:42
25. Blocked Exit 0:45
26. The Ham In Holmes 1:05
27. The Great Swordsman 1:48
28. The Gas Main Blows 0:45
29. My Friend Watson 2:04
30. Without A Clue End Credit 2:44
31. Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes† 0:35
32. Where Did You Get That Hat?* 1:20
33. Daddy Wouldn't Buy Me A Bow Wow** 1:49
34. The Man Who Broke
The Bank At Monte Carlo*** 1:22
35. Watson Sees All - accordion only 2:41
Total Time: 59:47

Music published by
† - Public Domain