CLASSIC FILM THEMES FOR SAXOPHONE - Performed by Ralph Gari and John Rarig (Digital Download, 24 bit Wav, MP3, Digital PDF)



BuySoundtrax announces the digital presentation of Classic Film Themes for Saxophone, a remarkable compendium of music exclusively featuring the voice of the saxophone, which was originally released on vinyl by Tony Thomas in the mid-to-late 1970s. With a line-up of first-rate film composers from cinema’s Golden Age as well as those of a more recent vintage, this album offers a vivid and varied mix of popular movie music that has featured saxophone as a lead instrument.

That instrument is deployed here not for its powerful resonance or its ability to excite and swing to a rhythmic beat, but for its capacity in providing a flavorful rendering of melancholy and melody. The range of its voice to express a surplus of emotions through the gentle clarity of its tone is felt throughout this recording, with deft arrangements gently paired with minimalist piano accompaniment.

The saxophone became a prominent solo instrument in the films of the 1950s, when the jazz idiom was first recognized as a viable component of music in cinema. In fact, all but one of the tracks on this album dates from 1951 onward; the exception being the saxophone’s proficiency in creating the musical mood of film noir a decade earlier. As younger composers trained in the classical tradition but willing to experiment with modern styles and new instrumental combinations, the jazz genre gained acceptance and the saxophone began to thrive in the works of composers who found favor in its unique tonality and drew inspiration from the instrument as a distinctive new voice within the orchestra’s traditional woodwind section.

Recorded in the 1970s at Contempo Studios in Los Angeles, saxophonist Ralph Gari, accompanied by pianist and arranger John Rarig, perform the selections on this record. The evocative counterpoints and harmonies of the film music of Miklós Rózsa, Alex North, Ernest Gold, George Duning, Franz Waxman, Bronislaw Kaper, John Barry, David Shire, Jerry Fielding, and John Addison, focusing expressly on their use of the saxophone, creates a listening experience which is both intimate and striking.

This album features a digital booklet with commentary notes by producer Tony Thomas, known in film music circles as the author of the seminal volumes Music for the Moviesand Film Score.

1. A Place In The Sun (4:07)
(Franz Waxman)

2. The Conversation (3:31)
(David Shire)

3. Toys In The Attic (4:45)
George Duning) (Arranged by the composer)

4. Notturno (4:29)
(Miklós Rózsa)

5. Invitation (3:24)
(Bronislaw Kaper)

6. A Streetcar Named Desire (3:37)
(Alex North)

7. Ship of Fools (3:42)
(Ernest Gold)

8. Advice and Consent (4:03)
(Jerry Fielding)

9. Eleanor and Franklin (3:31)
(John Barry)

10. Torn Curtain (3:42)
John Addison)