T-FORCE - Original Soundtrack by Louis Febre (Digital Download-24 Bit Wav, MP3, Digital PDF)

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BSX Digital presents the original motion picture soundtrack to T-FORCE, featuring music composed by Louis Febre for the 1994 action film directed by Richard Pepin (FIST OF HONOR, CYBER TRACK, L.A. HEAT television series), starring Jack Scalia, Vernon Wells, Martin E. Brooks and Erin Gray as Mayor Pendleton, featuring music composed by Louis Febre. T-FORCE tells the story of an elite team of counter-terrorists code named Terminal Force brought in to deal with a terrorist threat at an embassy in Los Angeles. What sets them apart from other law enforcement officers is that they are the world's first fully cybernetic law enforcement unit. After six hostages are accidentally killed during their rescue operation, the decision is made to shut down the Terminal Force program. Perceiving their shutdown as a threat to their self preservation, Terminal Force rebels and goes on a rampage. Lieutenant Floyd (Scalia) teams up with Cain, the only member of Terminal Force who chooses to obey the law, to hunt down Terminal Force and destroy them.

Louis Febre is a composer working in Los Angeles. A trained pianist, his career in composition began in independent films and television commercials. Febre began his career with B-movie company PM Entertainment before meeting his friend and mentor John Debney. The two formed a partnership that would produce successful collaborative efforts such as the movie DOCTOR WHO, and led to Louis' first television series, THE CAPE, which would earn him an Emmy for Best Dramatic Underscore. The two continue to work together to this day. Febre has enjoyed success with the movies SWIMFAN, TOWER OF TERROR (Disney), and a set of SCOOBY-DOO television movies. In 2001, he could be found collaborating with Steve Jablonsky on the first season of the hit television series DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES. As an additional orchestrator, he worked again with John Debney on CATS & DOGS, JIMMY NEUTRON, the Disney film CHICKEN LITTLE, DISNEYWORLD TOKYO, and with Mark Snow on THE X-FILES. With the departure of Snow from the television series SMALLVILLE, Febre became the credited composer in 2007. Louis Febre continues to work in television and independent films. Most recently, he composed the score for the award winning Colombian film BASTARDS Y DIABLOS.

1. T–Force Main Title (8:03)
2. Terminal Force Arrives and Building Attack (11:35)
3. I Hate Robots! (1:56)
4. Self–Preservation (2:23)
5. Virtual Sexy Blonde and Genesis Lab Massacre (2:02)
6. Police Station Attack (2:47)
7. You’re Threatening Our Self–Preservation (3:02)
8. Guns, Bombs and T-Force (1:06)
9. Can We Procreate? (1:37)
10. Did They Take Anything Else? (1:21)
11. Assassination Attempt on the Mayor (5:35)
12. What If We Are Corrupt? / Jack’s Story (2:34)
13. Cybernaut Brain Surgery (2:37)
14. Cybernaut Hunt / The Big Chase (6:16)
15. The End of Zeus and Cain’s Death (7:38)
16. Jack, Kiss My Butt and Finale (8:13)
17. T–Force Pog - Del Taco 30 Second Bed (0:32)
Total Time: 69:59