SOLO PIANO CINEMA CLASSICS: VOl. 1 - Mark Northam, pianist (Digital Download - 24 Bit Wav, MP3, Digital PDF)



Buysoundtrax Digital presents a compilation of classic Hollywood film themes arranged for solo piano by composer Mark Northam. Included herein are piano adaptions of themes like AVATAR, BRAVEHEART, LOVE STORY, TERMS OF ENDEARMENT, CHARIOTS OF FIRE, DYING YOUNG, LEGENDS OF THE FALL, LAURA, THE GODFATHER and many more.

1. I See You (From “Avatar”)
Music by James Horner

2. Main Theme (From “Braveheart”)
Music by James Horner

3. Can You Read My Mind? (From “Superman”)
Music by John Williams

4. Love Theme (From “The Blue Lagoon”)
Music by Basil Poledouris

5. Main Theme From “Cinema Paradiso”)
Music by Ennio Morricone

6. Main Theme (From “Chariots of Fire”)
Music by Vangelis

7. Main Theme (From “Dying Young”)
Music by James Newton Howard

8. Main Theme (From “El Cid”)
Music by Miklós Rózsa

9. Laura’s Theme (From “Laura”)
Music by David Raksin

10. Main Theme (From “Legends of the Fall”)
Music by James Horner

11. Theme (From “Love Story”)
Music by Francis Lai

12. Main Theme (From “Midnight Cowboy”)
Music by John Barry

13. Main Theme (From “A Shot In The Dark”)
Music by Henry Mancini

14. Theme (From “The Pink Panther”)
Music by Henry Mancini

15. Moon River (From “Breakfast At Tiffany’s”)
Music by Henry Mancini

16. Main Theme (From “Romeo and Juliet”)
Music by Nino Rota

17. Free As The Wind (From “Papillon”)
Music by Jerry Goldsmith

18. Main Theme (From “The Man From Snowy River”)
Music by Bruce Rowland

19. Main Theme (From “Terms of Endearment”)
Music by Michael Gore

20. Love Theme (From “The Godfather”)
Music by Nino Rota

21. Main Theme (From “The Goodbye Girl”)
Music by Dave Grusin

22. Main Theme (From “The Sand Pebbles”)
Music by Jerry Goldsmith

23. The Dark Song (From “The Detective”)
Music by Jerry Goldsmith