ACCIDENT MAN - Original Soundtrack by Sean Murray

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Dragon’s Domain Records presents the soundtrack release of ACCIDENT MAN, featuring music composed by Sean Murray (CALL OF DUTY: Black Ops and World At War, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER television series, DEEP BLUE SEA 2), for the 2018 action film directed by Jesse V. Johnson (THE PACKAGE, THE BEAUTIFUL ONES, SAVAGE DOG), starring action star Scott Adkins (UNIVERSAL SOLDER: DAY OF RECKONING, UNDISPUTED 2 & 3, NINJA, EL GRINGO), Ray Stevenson (KING ARTHUR, OUTPOST, KILL THE IRISHMAN), Ashley Greene, David Paymer, Michael Jai White (SPAWN, UNDISPUTED 2, BONE), Ray Park (STAR WARS EPISODE 1: THE PHANTOM MENACE, X-MEN, G.I. JOE), Amy Johnston (LADY BLOODFIGHT), Perry Benson, Nick Moran, Ross O’Hennessy,  Stephen Donald and Stu Small.

Based on the comic book series created by Pat Mills and Tony Skinner, ACCIDENT MAN tells the story of Mike Fallon (Adkins), a stone cold killer known as the Accident Man, because his hits are always designed to look like an accident and continue to baffle the police. When an ex-girlfriend is dragged into the London underworld and murdered, Fallon starts to look into the cause of her death and discovers that his own fellow hit men were hired to kill her. As he struggles to keep her sister and himself alive, he is forced to rip apart the life he knew in order to hold those accountable and avenge the one person who actually meant something to him. Fallon has wade through waves of his peers, also colorful hitmen known for the particular talents they employ when they carry out their contracts, until he can get to the one person responsible for giving the order.

Jesse V. Johnson has worn many hats in film production over the years, including stunt man, stunt coordinator, second unit director and assistant director. In recent years, he has been writing and directing his own films, including many successful action film. ACCIDENT MAN continues his collaboration with composer Sean Murray, which has included films such as THE PACKAGE, SAVAGE DOG, THE BEAUTIFUL ONES and, most recently, THE DEBT COLLECTOR.  For ACCIDENT MAN, Sean Murray has written a full throttle action score, including some great electronic throwbacks during the fight scenes to bands from the late 70s, early 80s, such as Tangerine Dream.

Sean Murray grew up in Santa Barbara, California where he learned the craft of film composing by scoring dozens of student movies for the Brooks Institute Film School. He made his professional debut as composer for the action film SCORPION.

Among his credits are the controversial television series GOD, THE DEVIL AND BOB with James Garner and Alan Cumming, for Carsey-Werner and NBC; and the deeply disturbing psychological-thriller JUNKYARD DOG starring Vivica Fox. Most recently, he has also scored DEEP BLUE SEA 2 and THE DEBT COLLECTOR.

Sean is the son of actor Don Murray, whose performance with Marilyn Monroe in BUS STOP was nominated for an Academy Award. Sean lives in the Hollywood Hills, close to the film studios and post-production houses.

ACCIDENT MAN is a limited edition release of 500 units.

01 A New Bike 2:38
02 Right Bitch 1:18
03 Operators / Sushi 1:01
04 Little Weasel / Gas Gun Fun 1:58
05 Blow Out / Triangle 2:30
06 Ambush / Yellow Fever 3:39
07 Grave / Green Papers 2:37
08 Smack Head Murder 3:37
09 Crushing Mick & Mac / Mike’s Bike 3:27
10 Are We Cool? / Ray of Dark 2:53
11 Defenestration 2:18
12 Berserker 1:38
13 Sorry Mate / Inside Source 3:40
14 Mr. Kent 3:30
15 American Prick / Big Guns 3:27
16 Peter Out / Adkin’s Bandage 2:10
17 Lick The Knife / Name Your Price 5:09
18 Fallon Angel / Old Bean 2:00
19 The Accident Man 2:49
20 Best of Friends (Unused) 3:21
Total Time: 56:17