JAGUAR LIVES - Original Soundtrack by Robert O. Ragland (Digital Download - 24 Bit Wav/MP3/Digital Booklet)

Dragon's Domain Records


Dragon’s Domain Digital presents the world premiere release of JAGUAR LIVES, featuring music composed by Robert O. Ragland (10 TO MIDNIGHT, Q, THE WINGED SERPENT, GRIZZLY) for the 1979 action film directed by Ernest Pintoff, written by Yabo Yablonsky, starring former world heavyweight karate champ Joe Lewis as Jaguar, along with Christopher Lee, Donald Pleasance, Barbara Bach, Capucine, Joseph Wiseman, Woody Strode, John Huston and Anthony De Longis.

Dragon’s Domain Records presents JAGUAR LIVES! on digital for the first time, featuring music composed by Robert O. Ragland. The music is presented from archival sources as the master tapes have been lost to time.

01 Jaguar Lives-Main Title 2:07

02 Sunset in Istanbul 1:11

03 Never Die Jaguar* 2:59

04 Spanish Town 1:35

05 Secret Galley 1:05

06 Jonathan Cross 3:31

07 Wiles of Love 1:57

08 Murder Trap 1:33

09 Beyond the Border 1:52

10 Terry 2:52

11 General Villanova 2:00

12 Getting Away 3:37

13 Battle at the Castle* 5:21

14 Jaguar Lives-End Credits 2:50

* - Includes Sound Effects

Total Time: 35:05