LAST DANCE - Original Soundtrack by Michael Allen

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Culture separated them.
Compassion brought them together.

Dragon’s Domain Records, to be distributed through, presents the soundtrack release of LAST DANCE, featuring music composed by Michael Allen for the 2012 Australian thriller directed by David Pulbrook (BAD BLOOD), written by Terrence Hammond and David Pulbrook, produced by Antony I. Ginnane (PATRICK, SNAPSHOT, HARLEQUIN and THE SURVIVOR ), starring Julia Blake (DON’T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK) and Firass Dirani (UNDERBELLY: THE GOLDEN MILE, KILLER ELITE).

LAST DANCE tells the story of Sadiq Mohammad (Dirani), a young radical Palestinian who, after fleeing from the failed suicide bombing of a synagogue in Melbourne, kidnaps Holocaust survivor Ulah Lippmann (Blake) and holds her hostage in her apartment. Desperately wounded, Sadiq plans his next move. As the police close in, Sadiq and Ulah are forced to confront their own pasts as their present collides.

For LAST DANCE, composer Michael Allen has composed a haunting score with the ethnic colors of both Israel and Palestine, driven by the tension and menace of enclosed claustrophobic spaces.

Michael Allen is an Australian born composer who is known for his work on films LAST DANCE & VANISHED as well as the award winning television series REDESIGN MY BRAIN. He has also provided the music for several successful video games including RISE OF THE GUARDIANS, THE CROODS, FALLING SKIES & PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR.

He made his start as a founding member of the band Things of Stone & Woodwho after signing to Sony Records in 1992, toured extensively and had several top 40 hits. When the band finished in the late 1990’s, Michael released three solo records before he eventually found his true love, composing for film, television and video games.

LAST DANCE is a limited edition release of 1000 units.

01 LAST DANCE Theme 2:32
02 You’re a Jew/Very Kind of You, Mr. Nathan 3:35
03 No Please 2:52
04 Car/”I Know That is You, My Brother” 1:44
05 Help Me 4:21
06 Shalom Aleichem 1:56
Traditional, Rabbi Israel Goldfarb
Performed by Eva Migdalek
07 The Letters 1:33
08 The Bomb 2:24
09 Police Station/My Sister 3:50
10 Ulah’s Story 1:40
11 Be Careful 1:25
12 “It’s For My Son” 2:45
13 “God Go With You”/The Street 2:38
14 LAST DANCE Titles 2:14
Total Time: 38:13