SKY PIRATES - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Brian May

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Dragon’s Domain Records, to be distributed through, presents the soundtrack release of SKY PIRATES, featuring music composed and conducted by Brian May (MAD MAX, THE ROAD WARRIOR, ROAD GAMES, PATRICK) for the 1986 science fiction adventure thriller directed by Colin Eggleston (LONG WEEKEND), written by John D. Lamond (STAGE FRIGHT aka NIGHTMARES), starring John Hargreaves, Meredith Phillips, Bill Hunter, Alex Scott, Simon Chilvers and Max Phipps.

Released in 1986, SKY PIRATES follows the adventures of Air Force Lieutenant Dakota Harris (Hargreaves) as he is called to a secret airbase to begin a discreet mission: fly an American plane to Washington D.C. by way of Bora Bora. On board the plane, a trio of unexpected passengers including Major Savage (Phipps), a former adversary of Harris’, genial Reverend Mitchell (Chilvers), who specializes in archeological mysteries, British General Hackett (Scott) and the plane’s flight crew, and it’s cargo, a mysterious wooden crate that tends to glow when its disturbed. Not to mention, numerous boxes of Kentucky Whiskey. Enroute to their destination, the glowing box seems to attract a supernatural storm which sends the plane far off course, crashing into a kind of Bermuda Triangle known as the Sea Of Lost Ships. Five men escape in a life raft as the plane sinks, taking its mysterious cargo to the bottom of the ocean and thus begins the quest to recover the contents of the crate.

Previously released on compact disc by 1M1 Records in the early days of the compact disc format and very hard to find over the years, Dragon’s Domain Records is excited to bring SKY PIRATES roaring back from the past, newly remastered by Digital Outland. The booklet includes exclusive liner notes written by author Randall Larson.

1. Prologue/Main Title (5:01)
2. Take Off/The Mission (2:57)
3. Mystic Force/The Crash (5:21)
4. Sea Of Lost Ships (2:32)
5. Deserted Ship/Adrift (2:22)
6. Melanie/Escape (4:40)
7. Harris Saves Melanie/
Ya Gotta Trust Me (3:53)
8. The Great Plane Robbery
/Fighter Attack (4:15)

9. Final Fighter Pass/Truck Chase (7:32)
10. Faulkner's Bar (4:13)
11. Go To Sleep/To Bora Bora (2:37)
12. Ghost Busters (1:19)
13. Mystic Happening (2:15)
14. To Easter Island (1:20)
15. Underwater To The Plane (3:42)
16. Easter Island/Inner Secrets/
The Sacred Tomb (7:38)
17. He Who Disturbs The
Sacred Moia Meets Death (2:30)

18. Closing Titles (3:29)

Total Duration: 1:07:00

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