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Dragon’s Domain Records presents the soundtrack release of THE BRIAN MAY FANTASY FILM MUSIC COLLECTION, a 2 CD collection featuring music composed by Brian May (MAD MAX, THE ROAD WARRIOR, CLOAK & DAGGER) for a select group of Australian horror/fantasy films produced by Antony I. Ginnane during the boom of the Australian New Wave of cinema in the late 1970s and early 1980s. THE BRIAN MAY FANTASY FILM MUSIC COLLECTION includes music from PATRICK (1978), SNAPSHOT (1979), HARLEQUIN (1980) and THE SURVIVOR (1981).  

One thing these films have in common is the music of Brian May. All of Antony I. Ginnane’s horror/supernatural thrillers from this time period were scored by Brian May. For PATRICK, May composed a lush-sounding symphonic score supported by ARP synthesizer. His score for SNAPSHOT mixes dramatic orchestral music, with sublime romantic music and a fair amount of contemporary modern jazz. HARLEQUIN was scored for a variety of atonal motifs for strings, piano, and percussion, giving thematic unity through a lush, string-based love theme. THE SURVIVOR is arguably May’s most Herrmannesque score, opening with a main theme that recalls Herrmann’s Hitchcock collaborations.

Previously released on compact disc by 1M1 Records in the early days of the compact disc format, Dragon’s Domain Records is excited to bring the contents of THE BRIAN MAY FANTASY FILM MUSIC COLLECTION back from the past, newly remastered by Digital Outland and presented together on two CDs.  On this release, PATRICK is presented via a short seven-minute suite that encompasses the main elements of May’s score.  Because the previous presentations of  SNAPSHOT were markedly different, we have opted on bookending this collection with both versions of the SNAPSHOT soundtrack. Disc 1 presents the 1M1 release, which follows the film sequence.  Disc 2 consists of the version assembled for Citadel Records. This version was edited and sequenced differently, but because we like this presentation very much, we wanted to include it as an alternate assembly for your listening pleasure. Our presentation of the HARLEQUIN score replicates that of the 1980 French MovieMusic vinyl release and the 1M1 CD. THE SURVIVOR appears as it did on the previous 1M1 release. The booklet includes exclusive liner notes written by author Randall Larson, with the participation of producer Antony I. Ginnane.

01. Opening Title Music 2:40
02. Madeline's Theme /
Pursued 1:28
03. Angela's Decision 1:10
04. Locked Out 1:25
05. Darryl's Dilemma 2:37
06. The Gay Disco 1:42
07. Angela's Transformation 1:34
08. Sans Chemisette 1:01
09. Who's Sleeping In My Bed? 2:38
10. Bermuda Cool
(Madeline Makes Her Move) 2:24
11. Goodbye To Madeline 1:10
12. Fright And Flight 2:38
13. Danger! The Whippy Van 1:08
14. Elmer's Place 1:28
15. Studio Fire 2:21
16. Exit Darryl 2:39
17. Closing Title Music 1:47

18. The Survivor - Main Title 3:08
19. Take Off and Crash 5:08
20. Romantic Mood / Ghost Girl 2:02
21. Scary Bit In The House 2:03
22. Scared 2:03
23. Back at Wreck 2:00
24. Memories 3:01
25. Frantic Drive To Hangar /
Gruesome Discovery 3:06

26. Final Confrontation
and Burning 2:11
27. Revelation and Finale 3:44

Total Time - Disc One: 61:00

1. Harlequin - Main Title 2:04
2. Political Theme 0:51
3. Thunderclap / Alex Spits Blood 0:48
4. Sandra and Alex 0:42
5. The Cure 3:16
6. The Aerial / Did You Cure My Son? 1:36
7. Was it Assassination? /
Alex Plays Dead 0:44
8. The Cliff 1:38
9. Wolfe and Sandra 3:11
10. Alice Disrobes / Shattering Windscreens 1:14
11. Wolfe Leaves Alex 0:59
12. Wolfe's Show of Magic 1:14
13. Acid Alice / Wolfe's Face on the Tiles 2:15
14. Sandra and Alex Leave 1:09
15. Wolfe Escapes From Jail 0:50
16. Letting Out the Dogs 1:27
17. Wolfe on the Estate 2:26
18. March of the Marbles 2:33
19. The Set-Up 2:10
20. Wolfe’s Death 1:32
21. Wolfe’s Resurrection 1:41
22. Wolfe Killed Again 0:58
23. Wolfe Dumped 1:05
24. Wolfe Surfaces / End Titles 3:23

25. PATRICK Suite 7:08
26. Suite-Part One 14:51
27. Suite-Part Two 16:17

Total Time CD Two: 78:08

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