BUKIMISHA: Daimajin, The Great Stone God - The Spiritual Voices of Akira Ifukube



CD Includes Digital Download /Digital Booklet

Those unique ‘a Capella’ stylings of Bukimisha tackle the classic themes Akira Ifukube created for Daiei Studios’ epic 1966 “tokusatsu (special effects) trilogy featuring DAIMAJIN, a volatile god sealed within a stone statue. Their latest release in BSX Records’ ongoing series features 26 selected musical cues capturing all the thrills and terror as Majin comes to the rescue of the suffering who have been enslaved by evil warlords.

Also included is a special extended suite of the music for THE WHALE GOD, where a small seaside fishing village is terrorized by a giant ghost whale. This 1962 spectacle is finally being released officially in the United States this year.

For several decades Bukimisha, a self-proclaimed ‘secret society’ (whose name roughly translates as “Creepy Company”) has enthralled Japanese audiences with their amazing ‘a Capella’ vocal stylings. They have transformed their love of film music into a unique art form and built an impressive catalog of over 150 albums, many featuring Ifukube’s vast library of classical compositions and complete film scores. Bukimisha was even given the opportunity to perform before the legendary composer at one of his final birthday celebrations.

BSX Records is proud to once more offer the unique performance art of Bukimisha to movie music fans around the world. This album has been mastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland from the group’s original digital recordings all supervised and approved by Takeo Yahiro & their great mentor, Dr. Bukimi. Exclusive liner notes by author David Hirsch details Akira Ifukube’s life, career, and the music featured.

This CD set is a limited run of 500 units.

1. Main Title 1:41
2. Dance for the Sealed God 2:56
3. Escape 1:24
4. Oppressed People 1:23
5. Kozasa’s Prayer 2:41
6. Daimajin Appears 1:02
7. Daimajin’s Ferocity 4:29
8. Lord Samanosuke’s Last Moments 2:36
9. Ending 1:58
10. Main Title 1:17
11. Prayer to God 1:46
12. Blowing Up the War God Statue 2:21
13. Act of God 2:16
14. Execution 3:54
15. Daimajin Crosses the Sea 4:03
16. Ending 1:07
17. Main Title 3:07
18. Hell Valley 1:35
19. Daimajin’s Mountain 1:47
20. Warrior Statue and the Falcon 1:59
21. Daimajin is Angry 0:47
22. Daimajin On the Snowy Field 1:26
23. Daimajin Strikes Back I 3:02
24. Daimajin Strikes Back II 3:09
25. Daimajin’s Sword 2:10
26. Ending 3:05
27. THE WHALE GOD (1962) 10:19
Demon of the Sea / Vow of
Vengeance / Makko Inn /
Blade Stabbing Dance 1 & 2 /
Shaki and the Whale God

Total Time: 69:09