EXORCISM AT 60,000 FEET - Original Soundtrack by Richard Band

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Dragon’s Domain Records presents the original motion picture soundtrack release of EXORCISM AT 60,000 FEET, to be distributed through BSX RECORDS, EXORCISM AT 60,000 FEET features music composed by Richard Band for the 2019 horror comedy directed by Chad Ferrin, written by Robert Rhine and Daniel Benton, starting Robert Miano, Bai Ling, Lance Henriksen, Matthew Moy, Kevin J. O’Connor, Bill Mosely, Adrienne Barbeau, Robert Rhine, Silvia Spross and Kelli Maroney.

Tell me if you’ve heard this one before… A priest and a rabbi find themselves booked on the same flight from Viet Cong Airways when things take a demonic turn as a pandemic of infernal possessions breaks out, spreading from passenger to passenger and eventually to the pilot. In order to land the plane safely and survive, Father Romero (Miano) and Rabbi Larry Feldman (Rhine) are going to have to set their religious differences aside and work together with the survivors against the most ungodly turbulence imaginable.

Dragon’s Domain Records presents the original motion picture soundtrack to EXORCISM AT 60,000 FEET, digitally mastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland.

EXORCISM AT 60,000 FEET is a limited edition release of 500 units. 

1. Prelude: Father Romero / House of Exorcism / Main Title (9:04)
2. Romero Boards Plane (1:34)
3. Sexy Girl / Plane Takes Off (1:54)
4. Garvin / Vaginal Rejuvenation / Screaming Baby (2:12)
5. Nasty Food / Kosher Meal? / Hitting Turbulence (3:04)
6. What’s On The Wing? (3:06)
7. The Nose / Attack / Sneaking the Dead Girl (3:27)
8. Romero’s Story (1:31)
9. Get That Dog! (2:22)
10. Baby Pops Out (1:22)
11. The Pervert / The Flight Continues (1:39)
12. Garvin Confronts Romero in the Baggage Compartment (3:13)
13. CPR on Romero / Amanda’s Desire (1:35)
14. Garvin Takes Over the Buddhist Priest (1:54)
15. Romero’s Plan / Up To 60,000 Feet (6:20)
16. Green Mist & Nuns / More Mist on the Loose (6:29)
17. Captain Loses Head / The Landing / Good Morning Vietnam (4:57)
18. Cast Recap (1:23)
19. End Titles (2:37)
Total Time: 60:29

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