LEGEND - Music From the Motion Picture Composed by Tangerine Dream



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BUYSOUNDTRAX Records is proud to present a new recording of the score for the 1985 fantasy film, LEGEND, featuring music composed by electronic music pioneers Tangerine Dream (SORCERER, THIEF, RISKY BUSINESS) for the fantasy film directed by Ridley Scott (ALIEN, BLADE RUNNER, THE DUELLISTS), written by William Hjortsberg and starring Tom Cruise, Mia Sara and Tim Curry.  Tangerine Dream’s electronic music for the film is presented here in a new recording produced and arranged by composer Brandon K. Verrett.   

LEGEND is a visually stunning fantasy/adventure that takes place in a mythical forest inhabited by fairies, goblins, unicorns and mortals, where an epic battle of Good versus Evil begins to unfold. Tom Cruise plays Jack, a peasant boy in love,  perhaps tragically, with the beautiful princess Lili (Mia Sara). Jack and Lili become pawns in a much larger game as the Lord of Darkness (Tim Curry) exploits their relationship to reveal the location of the remaining members of the purest race in the world, the last pair of Unicorns. He dispatches his goblins to kill the Unicorns and claim their horns, so that he may claim their mystical power and bring about an everlasting age of Darkness. Jack finds himself forced to undertake a quest, to save Lili, try to prevent the death of the last Unicorn and defeat the plans of the Lord Of Darkness, or the sun will rise no more. 
The music for LEGEND was a subject of great controversy in 1985. Initially, Ridley Scott had turned to composer Jerry Goldsmith to score the film, which would reunite them after their great success on ALIEN in 1979. Goldsmith responded by writing an enchanting, organic symphonic score emphasizing strings, woodwinds and choir, a score that the composer, the director of the film and many others felt was among Goldsmith’s best work. After a disappointing test screening, studio executives encouraged Ridley Scott to replace the music with something that would be more commercially appealing to the film’s expected youth market. Tangerine Dream had realized great success with their score to RISKY BUSINESS in 1983, another film aimed at the youth market and so they were hired to compose a brand new score for the film.
BUYSOUNDTRAX proudly presents LEGEND – MUSIC FROM THE MOTION PICTURE, featuring a new exciting recording of music composed by Tangerine Dream, produced and arranged by Brandon K. Verrett, featuring vocal performances by Katie Campbell. LEGEND – MUSIC FROM THE MOTION PICTURE includes exclusive liner wrotes written by noted author Randall D. Larson, detailing the history of the film’s music and new comments from composer/arranger Brandon K. Verrett related to the development of the project. LEGEND – MUSIC FROM THE MOTION PICTURE also features striking front cover and rear tray artwork produced by noted artist and illustrator Jerry Bingham (BATMAN: SON OF THE DEMON, BEOWULF) that is exclusive to this release.

LEGEND – MUSIC FROM THE MOTION PICTURE is a limited edition release of 1500 units.

1. Prologue (2:28)
2. Opening (3:41)
3. Cottage (4:15)
4. Unicorn Theme (4:48)
5. Goblins (4:48)
6. Fairies (2:58)
7. Blue Room (3:58)
8. The Dance (2:19)
9. Darkness (3:10)
10. Kitchen Fight (3:26)
11. Unicorn Theme Reprise (1:45)
12. Jack Versus Darkness (3:29)
13. Unicorn Saga (3:52)
14. Loved By the Sun (6:27)
Music: Tangerine Dream
Lyrics: Jon Anderson
Performed by Katie Campbell

15. The Unicorn Song (3:19)
Adapted from “The Angel” by William Blake
Performed by Katie Campbell

16. Is Your Love Strong Enough (5:31)
Music: Tangerine Dream
Lyrics: Bryan Ferry
Performed by Katie Campbell

17. Cottage - Alternate (3:19)
18. Unicorn Theme Alternate (4:42)
19. Fairies - Alternate (2:50)
20. Unicorn Saga Alternate (4:33)
Total Time: 74:07