WUTHERING HEIGHTS: Original MGM Motion Picture Soundtrack by Michel Legrand


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When the wonderful folks at La-La Land Records initially released this score in 2009, my first thought was interesting choice, never saw that adaptation of this classic story, but I LOVE Michel Legrand.  When deciding what releases to add to our 2018 slate, this was one that we felt needed to be reissued.  It's such a beautiful, haunting and moving score, one we feel is among his best and most unheralded.  

As part of our 2nd chance series (of sorts - it's not officially a series per se, just a term we use in house to prioritize our planned releases) we are trying to revisit scores we felt sold well in their first go round but could use a reissue to help those who missed out or may be new to collecting soundtracks get a copy at a reasonable price.  This is one of those scores that deserves to be in as many collections as possible and we are happy to try and make that happen.  If you love beautiful and haunting scores this one is for you.  Enjoy!
Music Composed by Michel Legrand
Performed by the London Studio Orchestra
Album Produced for Notefornote Music by Ford A. Thaxton
Executive Producers for Notefornote Music: Bryon Davis, Jacqueline Davis and Jeff Ballinger
Digitally Edited and Mastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland
Album Art Direction: Mark Banning
Liner Notes by Randall D. Larson

Special thanks to: Marc Miller, Lori Silfen, Chris Neel, Mike Joffe, Randall D. Larson, MV Gerhard and Matt Verboys at La-La Land Records
1. I Was Born In Love With You (2:09) (Theme from Wuthering Heights - Instrumental)
2. Yorkshire Moors (2:41)
3. Le Grand Holiday (2:52)
4. Castle Grounds (1:22)
5. Hindley (3:44)
6. The Grange (1:35)
7. Rendevous In The Moors (2:59)
8. Cathy's Theme (4:44)
9. Wuthering Heights (1:32)
10. Mystical Moors (2:38)
11. Reprise For Heatchcliff (5:28)
12. Ghost Of Cathy (1:31)
13. Wuthering Heights Dirge (2:30)
14. Isabella (4:13)
15. Morning For Cathy (1:37)
16. Heathcliff And Cathy (1:47)
17. I Was Born In Love With You (3:07)
(Theme From Wuthering Heights)
(Marilyn and Alan Bergman - M.Legrand)
Vocal by the Mike Curb Congregation