FRANKENSTEIN UNBOUND - Original Soundtrack by Carl Davis



(Digital Download - 24 Bit Wavs, MP3s, Digital PDF)

BUYSOUNDTRAX Records present the premiere release of the soundtrack for FRANKENSTEIN UNBOUND, featuring music composed by Carl Davis (THE FAR PAVILIONS, THE FRENCH LIEUTENANT’S WOMAN, KING DAVID) for the 1990 science fiction/horror film directed by Roger Corman, based on the novel by Brian Aldiss and starring John Hurt, Raul Julia, Bridget Fonda, Jason Patric, Michael Hutchence, Catherine Rabett and Nick Brimble as the Monster.

Based on the novel written by Brian Aldiss, FRANKENSTEIN UNBOUND is a fascinating science fiction/horror hybrid story that begins in the future of 2031 and tells the story of scientist Joe Buchanan who, during the course of developing a new weapon system for the military accidentally causes Earth’s quantum integrity to unravel as electric storms and worm holes begin to appear all over the planet. Travelling home from work in his artificially intelligent car, Buchanan is sucked into one of the wormholes and finds himself transported back in time to 1800s Switzerland, where he begins to find himself a part of the real life events that inspired the creation of the classic horror tale FRANKENSTEIN, including witnessing the trial of Justine Moritz, meeting the author Mary Godwin (Fonda) herself, along with Lord Byron (Patric) and Percy Shelley (Hutchence) and finally encountering Victor Frankenstein (Julia), which leads to an encounter with the Monster (Brimble). With the knowledge of having read Mary Shelley’s novel, Buchanan tries to change the outcome of Justine Moritz’s trial and ultimately becomes a part of Frankenstein’s machinations after Victor discovers that Buchanan’s knowledge of electricity is far more sophisticated than his own. Repulsed by Frankenstein’s actions, he also recognizes his own hypocrisy in creating his own weapon system in the future that will ultimately end life on the planet. Taking action, Buchanan sabotages Frankenstein’s latest experiment and creates a new wormhole that launches them all into an unknown future for their final confrontation.

BUYSOUNDTRAX Records brings FRANKENSTEIN UNBOUND to compact disc for the first time, with mastering by James Nelson at Digital Outland. The digital booklet includes liner notes by author Randall Larson, including insights from composer Carl Davis on this exciting large scale orchestral score.

01 Main Titles 02:07
02 Demonstration Of Power 00:31
03 Buchanan's Regret 01:15
04 Time Slips 02:25
05 Out In The Sticks 01:47
06 Carriage Ride/First Nightmare 01:50
07 Reality Check 00:21
08 Man About Town 02:22
09 Guilty Verdict/Following Victor 01:52
10 Make Me A Mate 00:23
11 Victor's Confession 00:30:
12 We Are Brothers 00:40
13 The Hanging/Reference Mary Shelley/Byron 01:34
14 Meet Mary Godwin 00:58
15 The End Of Justine Moritz 01:24
16 Second Nightmare 00:33
17 Joe And Mary 01:38
18 The Madness Of Possibility 03:00
19 Victor Appears 01:06
20 The End Of Elizabeth 03:53
21 The Monster's Rage 00:53
22 Third Nightmare 01:21
23 Preparations 01:53
24 What Have You Done?/More Power! 04:51
25 Elizabeth Awakens 00:16
26 Kill Him 03:46
27 I Am Frankenstein, I Am Unbound 05:45
28 End Credits 03:17