HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP - Original Soundtrack by James Horner



 (CD comes with Free Digital Download/Digital booklet)

BUYSOUNDTRAX Records presents the original soundtrack to HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP, also known as MONSTER overseas, featuring music composed by James Horner (STAR TREK II & III, KRULL, ALIENS, AVATAR) for the 1980 horror film directed by Barbara Peeters and Jimmy T. Murakami (WHEN THE WIND BLOWS, CHRISTMAS CAROL: THE MOVIE, HEAVY METAL), produced by the great Roger Corman, starring Doug McClure (THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT, AT THE EARTH’S CORE, WARLORDS OF ATLANTIS), Ann Turkel (THE CASSANDRA CROSSING, RAVAGERS), Vic Morrow (COMBAT, POLICE STORY, THE BAD NEWS BEARS), Cindy Weintraub, Denise Galik, Lynn Theel and Anthony Pena.

HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP tells the story of the people of Noyo, a Pacific Northwestern fishing town who find themselves in the middle of a depression because of a decline in the local salmon population. The townspeople are divided into two groups. Some people, like fisherman Jim Hill (McClure) believe that the new Cannery is responsible for the drought. Others, like town bigot Hank Slattery (Morrow) believe that the Cannery is a blessing and will bring prosperity to the town. The corporation that owns the Cannery enlists Dr. Susan Drake (Turkel) to find out what is happening to all the salmon. Something has stirred in the waters around Noyo and people have begun to disappear, or worse. Aided in her investigation by Jim Hill, Dr. Drake learns that an unusual amount of chemicals are being dumped by the corporation into the local waters, causing the creation of fish-like humanoid mutations with an appetite for human flesh but also an insatiable salmon-like urge to mate with Noyo’s female population. As the night of the annual Salmon festival approaches, tensions begin to rise among the townspeople. Can Jim and Dr. Drake reach the festival in time to warn everyone or will it be too late?

HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP was an early effort from composer James Horner and represented his first full sci-fi/horror complete score, his third score for New World Pictures and producer Roger Corman. After earning a Doctorate in Music Composition and Theory from UCLA, where he studied with composer Paul Chihara, among others, he discovered his passion for film music when he was asked to score several short films for the American Film Institute.  This led to his employ at New World Pictures, where he worked with a number of young directors, writers and producers, many of whom would feature largely in his later career, including Ron Howard, James Cameron, John Sayles and Gale Anne Hurd. Despite being saturated with the influence of other composers such as Jerry Goldsmith, John Williams and Laurence Rosenthal, Horner’s music for HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP remains a memorable and effective suspense score decades later, retaining many evidences of techniques Horner would later develop with more freedom in scores like THE HAND, DEADLY BLESSING, WOLFEN and ALIENS, such as the percussion effects and reflective string techniques to generate suspense and the intertwining string writing and marauding use of percussion during the film’s moments of action.

Previously released on a scarce compact disc by GNP Records in 2001, BUYSOUNDTRAX Records now presents a new release of the original motion picture soundtrack to HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP, featuring music composed by James Horner. In addition, we are including a suite of music prepared by composer Christopher Lennertz (SUPERNATURAL, HOP, MEET THE SPARTANS, ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS) from the 1996 remake of HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP, also produced by Roger Corman, directed by Jeff Yonis and starring Robert Carradine, Emma Samms, Mark Rolston, Bert Remsen and Clint Howard. Finally, we conclude our release with a suite of outtakes in mono from James Horner’s score, taken from the best available source,  the isolated score track presented on the original laserdisc release of the film from Image Entertainment. The suite includes a different mix of the Main and End Titles music than appears on the original soundtrack album. The booklet features exclusive notes by author Randall Larson, including new comments by composer Christopher Lennertz. The music has been newly mastered for the highest fidelity possible by James Nelson of Digital Outland.

3. Unwelcome Visitor (2:02)
4. Night Swim (1:47)
5. Jerry and Peggy (0:53)
6. Trip Upriver (1:56)
8. Jerry's Death (2:02)
9. Search for Clues (1:52)
10. Strange Catch (1:02)
11. The Grotto (3:16)
12. Night Prowlers (2:03)
14. Aftermath and New Birth (2:18)
15. End Titles (2:10)
16. Humanoids 1996 Suite Part #1 (4:20)
19. Outtake Suite (9:37)