LIVE EVIL - Original Soundtrack by Austin Wintory



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LIVE EVIL tells the story of a quartet of bloodsucking vampires who are being chased across the country by Priest (Thomerson), a cowboy hat-wearing, samurai sword-wielding man of the Cloth, who is out for holy justice… or is it just revenge? This group of vampires, led by Benedict, are desperate to find pure blood human victims to sustain them as the world’s human blood stream has become so polluted because of drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, etc. that even a small amount is undrinkable. Priest kills any vampire in his path as he chases after Benedict and his friends, always leaving a playing card on their corpses with the words “Live Evil” written on them.

BUYSOUNDTRAX Records presents LIVE EVIL, featuring music composed, orchestrated and produced by Austin Wintory. LIVE EVIL is a limited edition release of 1000 units.  

03 The Priest in Battle
04 First Flashback
05 Baby Doom
06 Vampire Babies and Second Flashback
07 Police Standoff
08 Third Flashback
09 Boxes of Earth
10 Faith in the Cross
11 Card in the Car
12 Max
14 Already Dead
15 Fourth Flashback
16 Feed the Baby
17 (Obligatory) Second Chase
18 That's What He Wants
20 Family Reunion
21 Dealt a Deadly Blow
22 Parting Words
23 Finale and End Titles
25 Bonus Track - Vomit Rock