THE MESSENGERS - Original Soundtrack Recordings by Joseph LoDuca

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Presenting the original motion picture score to the Rogue Pictures big screen thriller THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT, starring Sara Paxton, Tony Goldwyn and Monica Potter, produced by Wes Craven (SCREAM, A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, RED EYE). Acclaimed composer John Murphy (28 DAYS LATER, 28 WEEKS LATER, SUNSHINE) finds the perfect pitch of suspense with a mesmerizing, orchestral music score that takes this powerful new remake of the legendary Wes Craven original LAST HOUSE film to new heights of absolute terror.


1. Opening Titles (1:38)
2. The Crossing (2:34)
3. The Pool (:54)
4. The House (1:29)
5. The Boathouse (2:02)
6. Getting Stoned (1:05)
7. In The Woods (3:40)
8. Are You Ready To Be A Man? (2:28)
9. Killing Paige (1:00)
10. After The Assault (3:19)
11. Dead In The Water (2:13)
12. Candles (3:55)
13. Saving Mari (3:58)
14. Going To The Guest House (2:50)
15. Looking For Krug (3:27)
16. John v Krug (2:30)
17. The End (4:07)
18. Opening Titles (alt.) (1:34)