JUSTICE LEAGUE: THRONE OF ATLANTIS: Original Soundtrack by Frederik Wiedmann

La La Land Records




La-La Land Records and Warner Bros. proudly announce the release of acclaimed composer Frederik Wiedmann’s (DYING OF THE LIGHT, FIELD OF LOST SHOES, GREEN LANTERN THE ANIMATED SERIES) score to the DC Universe animated original movie JUSTICE LEAGUE: THRONE OF ATLANTIS.

Composer Wiedmann returns to the DC Universe with another powerhouse score that expertly propels all the superheroic action and drama within this exciting tale of an attack on Metropolis by Atlantis’ troops, who are determined to avenge the death of their king.

Produced by Frederik Wiedmann, mastered by James Nelson, with art design by Dan Goldwasser, this special limited release of 1000 Units contains music not available on the digital download version.


Main Title 0:40

S.O.S. 2:26

Athens Affair 1:16

Water 1:12

Cyborg in the Deep 2:38

Scarecrow 2:41

Cyborg Reveals 3:36

One of Both Worlds 3:09

A Memory of the Past 2:04

No Mercy 2:38

Half-Atlantian 1:39

Peace 1:38

The Truth 1:56

The Calling 3:09

Royal Murder 3:49

Reunited 2:09

The Dark Trenches 2:13

Metropolis 2:50

Wave of Soldiers 2:34

Justice League 1:58

Few Against Many 2:16

Brothers 2:48

Becoming a Beacon 2:24

Aquaman 3:11

Total Album Time: 57:42