LOVE HEAT LOVE - Blancah Black (Digital Album)


SKU: BSXDG-9143 presents a unique spoken-word/electronic music presentation, LOVE HEAT LOVE written and performed by Hillary Fielding, daughter of renowned composer Jerry Fielding.

Blancah Black AKA Hillary Fielding sat next to Papa, Composer Jerry Fielding (RIP) in his Hollywood, California studio at age 15. He spun a few albums – the music of Béla Bartók and Karlheinz Stockhausen – and discussed with her the advent of 20th century modern composition. This ignited her lifelong love affair with avant-garde in the form of sound and the written word. “I think these art forms are entities from the ether that flood through me with a desire to be born into the human world,” she says. “I really have no choice but to give them life and bear them into being.” Blancah is a prolific singer-songwriter and poet who has created hundreds of works and performed throughout California’s Bay Area at various historic venues, including The Women’s Building, The Exploratorium, The Marsh, The Lab, Project Artaud, Sound of Music, Club Foot, The Exploratorium, Koncepts Cultural Gallery, Artists Television Access, North Beach Public Library, San Jose State University, and Mills College.

In the 1980’s Blancah was a founding member of the influential and experimental punk/new wave band The Holy Sisters of the Gaga Dada. She has since performed with or been a founding member of numerous bands: Fascion, The Philosophers, BCO, Feathered Edge, The Eddie Gale Ensemble, Ovaryaction, Venus Envy, Female Noise, Dangerous Mother, ololo, blacklava, and bleeding fields. Blancah’s instruments are voice, language, noise, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electronics, and saxophone. She has collaborated with notable musicians, including Maryjean Shaffer, Heidi Ethridge,Thea Farhadian, Mantra Plonsey, Deborah Katz, Maggie Law, Eddie Gale, Drew Dobbs, Sayaka Yabuki, Mark Wilson, Amanda Chaudhry, Craig Latta, Glenda Solis, Chrissie Caulfield and so many more incredibly talented artists.

Blancah founded Creative Music for Children, a holistic music program for children. She taught five instruments for ages 5 through 18. Blancah instructed classes in saxophone, clarinet and guitar as an assistant to Randy Porter, Director of Children’s Programs for the Berkeley Symphony. She was Director of Band and Children’s Music Education for SPECTRA in Santa Cruz, California and as Music Director for Walnut Creek Civic Arts Japanese Exchange Program. Blancah holds a degree in liberal arts from the University of California, Santa Cruz. She studied classical and jazz privately and attended San Francisco State University for Classical Saxophone. She has taught over 350 students of all ages during her 25 year career as an Instructor.

Love Heat Love is the avant-garde brainchild of Blancah Black’s poetism, expressing her inner world and outer experience of late 20th Century life. She is a groundbreaking artist whose vision preceded the immense interest and production of electronic music and noise in every corner of popular music today. 

LOVE HEAT LOVE is an exclusive digital release from

1. She Changes
2. Is Bird He
3. Music For Voice and Stomach Acid
4 What R U
5. Eracism
6. Mercy
7. Speaking To Heaven
8. In My Briefcase
9. Ladders of Popcorn
10. The Bird Flew
11. Your Contagion
12. The Art Hole
13. I Love Hate