THE CHANGELING - Original Soundtrack by Ken Wannberg and Rick Wilkins (2-CD Set) (CD comes with Free 24/44.1khz/MP3 exclusive bundle)

Percepto Records


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By popular demand, Percepto presents our deluxe upgraded edition of THE CHANGELING, the chilling horror masterpiece from 1980 starring George C. Scott as a tormented widower who encounters the vengeful spirit of a murdered boy after he moves into a secluded Gothic mansion following the death of his wife and daughter.

This special reissue showcases the haunting efforts of the film's three notable composers -- Rick Wilkins, Ken Wannberg and Howard Blake, who teamed up to deliver one of the genre's most elegant and effective scores.

Newly remastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland, this enhanced release contains every note of music recorded for the film now spread over two CD's, with the complete score presented in show order on Disc One, plus a diverse series of alternate takes, unused tracks and source cues on Disc Two.

As an added bonus, our newly redesigned 24-page booklet features a candid look at the film's colorful production history by noted film journalist and screenwriter James Cole, including lively reminisces from Director Peter Medak, plus the original music notes by historian Randall Larson. The booklet also contains more never-before-published photos and a spectacular gallery of movie poster art from the film's many theatrical releases around the globe.

With this deluxe reissue, THE CHANGELING officially takes its place as the soundtrack that refuses to die. And unlike numerous horror scores from the same era, this revered classic has grown in popularity over the years, discovered by new generations while continuing to be revered by those who tapped into its capacity to incite goose bumps more than 25 years ago.

Disc 1
01. Main Titles 2:33
02. Piano Source :57
03. Arrival At The House 1:48
04. Piano Source 1:11
05. Piano Source :13
06. First Chill 1:33
07. The Door Opens By Itself :21
08. Music Box Theme For Piano 2:06
09. Country Ride 1:06
10. Bathtub Reflections 3:05
11. Finding the Secret Door 3:33
12. Up Into The Attic 2:47
13. Music Box Theme 1:47
14. The Wheelchair :25
15. Microfilm Research / Cemetary 1:30
16. Ball Over The Bridge / It's Back! 3:17
17. The Seance / Talk To Us! 7:14
18. Murder Flashback 3:43
19. Wheelchair / Carmichael Tower 1:00
20. Carmichael Reflects :34
21. The House On The Lake 1:56
22. Breaking Into The House :54
23. Face On The Bedroom Floor 2:01
24. The Chain Appears In The Dirt 3:47
25. All The Doors Shut 1:12
26. Mirror Mirror (Vision Of Death) 1:13
27. Russell Goes To See Carmichael 2:02
28. The Attic Calls Clair 3:53
29. The Big Finale / Resolution 5:55
30. Music Box / End Credits 3:13


Disc 2
01. The Seance - Alternate Version 7:11
02. Carmichael's Demise (Unused Cue) 3:45
03. Alternate End Title 2:31
04. Unknown Cue 1:51
05. Unused String Quartet (V1) :48
06. Unused String Quartet (V2) 1:17
07. Solo Celeste :47