SIREN SONGS - Classic Film and TV Themes for Solo Voice and Orchestra



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Buysoundtrax presents SIREN SONGS - CLASSIC FILM AND TV THEMES FOR SOLO VOICE AND ORCHESTRA), a brand new compilation of "vocalese" style themes from numerous popular motion pictures and television shows.

Faithfully produced and arranged by Dominik Hauser, Dan Redfeld and Joohyun Park, SIREN SONGS features music from THE ILLUSTRATED MAN, TWILIGHT, TITANIC, CONAN THE BARBARIAN, DOCTOR WHO, SHERLOCK and More. Featured singers include Kristi Holden, Katie Campbell, Karen Hogle Brown and Zoë Poledouris-Róche.

Produced by Ford A. Thaxton and Mark Banning, the package features actress/cover model Victoria DeMare.

1. Main Title from “The Illustrated Man” (Jerry Goldsmith)  (3:08)
2. Theme from “Powder” (Jerry Goldsmith) (4:55)
3. The Orgy from“Conan The Barbarian” (Basil Poledouris) (4:09)
4. Main Title from “Pan's Labyrinth” (Javier Navarrete) (2:58)
5. End Credits from “Ghost Story” ( Philippe Sarde) (5:01)
6. Melody Pond from “Doctor Who” (Murray Gold) (2:37)
7. The Sacrifice from“Buffy,The Vampire Slayer” (Christophe Beck) (2:54)
8. You’re Alive / Memories of Edward from “ The Twilight Saga - New Moon” (Alexandre Desplat)  (4:29)
9. End Credits from “La Peste” (The Plague (Vangelis) (4:00)
10. Where Dreams are Bornfrom “A.I.: Artif icial Intelligence” (John Williams) (4:34)
11. Scully’s Serenadefrom “The X Files” (Mark Snow)  (3:51)
12. Rose's New Path / End Credits from “Conundrum” (Mark Snow) (3:17)
13. Elegy from “Sherlock” (David Arnold and Michael Price) (2:53)
14. Doomsday from “Doctor Who”(Murray Gold)  (5:09)
15. Never an Absolution / Unable to Stay, Unwilling to Leave
from “Titanic” (James Horner) (5:30)
16. My Heart Will Go On from “Titanic” (James Horner) (5:52)